Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just around the corner.....

Sometimes I"m amazed how God reveals himself to each of us. 

This weekend my family went to Wanuskewin Heritage Park.  Wanuskewin is a centre that promotes education of the First Nations of Saskatchewan and their history in the area.  Earlier this year they were threatened by a large grass fire that nearly destroyed the centre. Wanuskewin has numerous trails that take you places where there is evidence of First Nations from 2000 years ago.  

While hiking I experienced God in many ways.  I actually heard the wind whistling in the tall grasses.  I saw a red blade of grass surrounded by the browns of life.

On one of the trails I climbed a hill expecting to see this:

 When I turned my head this is what I saw:

I'm always amazed when God reveals Himself to me, through what we believe is the ordinariness of life.  How has God revealed Himself to you this week?


Pat said...

the first thing I thought of when I read your question about how did God reveal himself to me this week was through the strength of friends like you:)

Linda said...

God reveals Himself to me with such peace and joy...the touch of our Dassa's(our lab) head on my lap when I am sad..that is God comforting me thru His creation...the wonderful flavor of the 1st morning's cup of coffee...He is truly good to us!

~Rain``` said...

Beautiful Pictures!!! God reveals himself to me by giving me a great day with kids after a very trying one. Or a phone call from a friend to go to the park. And His nature always speaks to me.

Denise said...


Donnetta said...

I, too, have been reminded recently that God so often reveals Himself in the ordinary. This post is just additional confirmation that God is continuing to challenge and encourage my heart with truth such as this!

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