Friday, October 22, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness - The Engerizer Bunny Week

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This week has been crazy busy.  I haven't read any blogs this week.  I've barely made it on Facebook, yet alone write a blog.   I have felt like the energizer bunny just going and going and going and get my drift.  This week, started full of promise but ended up on the floor.
Monday started off full of promise.  I had Bible Babes, where we discussed Gideon and what obstacles we have in our lives over pumpkin pie and cool whip.  We also went off on some great tangents that had nothing to do with the study, but what we face as women and moms.  Later that day, I spent time working on journaling and reflecting on what God was telling me as I worked through the first chapter of A Fresh Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson.  I gained some great insights about where I need to surrender and what.  Read Day 1, Question 1 of the Heidelberg Catechism.  That's what got me!  (hint: I am not ....)

Tuesday:  I looked after some friend's children and was reminded how amazing my dayhome friends are and that I need to remind them of that.  I did get some minor e-mail time and started reading Amy Bayliss' e-book she is currently working on.  What I've read so far is great.  She made me reflect about where I want my blog to be and about my statement of faith (read aforementioned Day 1, Question 1).

Wednesday = Crazy Day!  I had to take the T-Man to the Chiropractor.  Then I met a friend at Costco as we were purchasing food for The Big Cook.  We prepared 12 meals in less than 4 hours.  I then spent the next hour cleaning.  After a hasty dinner of Cordon Bleu Casserole (thanks to the Big Cook), I drove Nic to rhythmic gymnastics; went home and bathed the boys; and drove to pick her up.   I then got organized and participated in CJ's online study of A Fresh Brewed Life.  I really enjoyed this time with the ladies and enjoyed sharing my reflections of the chapter, as well as hearing how God was working in their lives.

By the way, have I mentioned that Sam-I-Am has been getting up at 5:15 am for the past week.  Not 5 am, not 5:30 am, but exactly at 5:15 am.  I think it's a God thing, as I have previously blogged that I was not a morning person and I just couldn't function at that time in the morning to do devotions.  This past week, I've been able to pray and do my daily bible study done by 7:30 am every morning, sometimes I've even been able to exercise.

However, saying all of this, Thursday morning, once Sam was up, I fell back to sleep and almost slept in.  I managed to get everyone ready on time.  The plan for the day was to do a little cleaning and spend a lot of time with God as it looked like my easy day (nothing was planned).   That did not happen.  Instead I ended up frustrated and on the phone all afternoon calling caterers for quotes for our Church's Christmas Banquet, only to find out that the one I had already tentatively booked on Tuesday, was the cheapest one.  

By the time it was time to get dinner prepared, I was frustrated, tired, let down and angry.  Both boys decided that it was time to begin the "witching hour."  If you're a mom, you know the time I mean.  I admit it, I lost it.  I can tell you there was yelling and tears and that just wasn't from the boys.  I got the boys settled in front of Backyardigans and put on some praise music in the kitchen.  

When the song I will Praise You came on, I felt called to get on my knees and submit to God.  I had  both fry pans going, but knew that God had it.  After the song finished I was refreshed and at peace.  I felt like I had been held by God.  That's where we are supposed to go.  Jesus says:  "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink."(John 7:37b NIV)  He is the water we're supposed to drink when we're dry.  I was weak and dehydrated.  I drank and was filled on the purest water there is.  Through the hectic life we all lead, take time to drink.  Be filled.  Rest in His provisions.  

PS:  Today, I have another hectic day.  I'm taking Nic to the hospital.  She is taking part in a food intolerance test for her peanut allergy.  Pray that God infuses her with His peace as she is extremely nervous and that she has no reaction during the test or after.


Jen said...

I will pray right now for your daughter. You know, what keeps running through my head? God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and of love. You'd think that since He says "do not fear" or "don't be afraid" so many times that we would be more willing to just trust, but oh, it is hard.

Also, I wrote about a hard moment with my youngest for the blog today. I can so relate to your story!

Lindsey said...

I feel like your week echoed my last two weeks as well! I have barely been on here in the past two weeks and it has been craziness at home and afar. I am praying for you! I know how it feels to be overwhelmed and I can't stand it!!! So awesome about turning on the music and getting on your knees with Jesus. I love that. Thanks for sharing. :)

Shawntele said...

I just wrote a post about feeling over whelmed, not nearly as insightful as yours, mind you. :O)

I am so happy to read that Nicole's tests turned okay, great news!

Be blessed Michelle, and enjoy the journey!!! {{hugs}}

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