Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tagged Your It......Part Deux

After posting Caffeinated Randomness - Tagged Your It and reading Lindsey's comment about looking forward to my answers, I realized I needed a Part Two to this post to answer my own questions.   Here we go:

1.  Purses/shoes/chocolate - Which could you not live without on a desert island?
Purses.  I have an addiction.  I love purses.  I love the look, feel and smell of purses.  I like small ones, big ones, round and square ones.  My husband currently has me on a purse purchasing freeze.  That doesn't stop me from looking for that all important must have purse.  This is the purse I'm currently coveting.
Isn't it beautiful.
2.  What is one habit you do that you've done since you were a child? (ie. bite nails, etc..)
I can clap each of my hands by themselves - one hand clapping.  I've been told it's disgusting to watch.  Maybe I'll vlog it one day for all of you to watch.  My grandmother says I started doing it when I was in the jolly jumper, hence that when I get excited I tend to do it more.  

3.  If money was no object, where would you go and what would you do? 
My dream vacation is to tour every major European Museum.  I'll make it to at least the Tate and de Hague one day.

4.  As we are currently doing some home renovations while I write this, what is the one thing you wish you could do to your house?
We're actually doing it right now.  We are retiling our entry way.  The tiles the previous owner laid were cracking and were cream coloured.  The new tiles are a dark marble colour.  Once it's finished I'll take a picture and share it with all of you.

5.   What is the funniest thing one of your children have ever said to you?  (I'll tell you about the X's story one day)
When we moved into our house, we started looking for new counter tops for our bathroom.  We liked the wood cupboards, but the counter was stained and cracking.  We found a lovely marble one and installed it.  However, to install it we removed the hideous old back splash.  When we removed it, we realized that we needed to tile over the drywall as we would not be able to paint over it.  While my husband was tiling, he was using tile spacers to make sure they were uniformly placed.  The kids were playing with the spacers while he was doing this.  Our daughter firmly informed him during this process:  "Look here Daddy!  You have a lot of X's and we WANT a lot of X's."  He had been told.  This has become the catch phrase around the house when we want something that someone has.  You just change X to what you want.   
6.  What kind of music do you enjoy, beside Christian music?
This is a tough  one as I love most genre's of music.  However, the one I probably listen to most would be light rock.

7.  What do you do on a Saturday morning?
We try to sleep in.  That doesn't always happen as Sam wants to eat pretty early.  I make pancakes for the kids and we listen to a Shell Busey's HouseSmart radio show.  It's just that easy folks!

6.  What is the most significant thing God has done for you?
He redeemed me and made me a part of His family.


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