Friday, November 12, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness - So many


I have decided to be completely random today  "after much deep and profound brain things inside my head".(Thank you King Julian for that great quote.)

  • This week I had a sleep over with my daughter.  In fact, she asked Daddy it that was ok first.  I had a lot planned:  we would watch a movie; stay up; do our nails and talk about things in her life.  

Our Movie

Our Guests and Snacks
Now I have to admit that there isn't a picture of me at the sleepover as I was holding up the viewing of the aforementioned movie trying to take pictures.  We snuggled in, turned out the lights and made it through the movie with a couple of "resting our eyes" times.  As soon as the movie was over, we both agreed that we needed to go to sleep.  In the  morning I made us both Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, Avocado Toasted Sandwiches.  There's no pictures of those as we both were very hungry. 
  • This week some dear bloggy friends announced a change in their blog.  I'm so excited for them and the future of their ministry.  Cherie and Rebecca of Praying Wives Club are changing their blog to the "Imperfect Wives."  I love it as wives we "..make mistakes. Regularly. We pray, do our best, mess up sometimes, apologize, repent, learn from those mistakes (hopefully) and carry on to try again!" (great words Cherie).  They are also going to be hosting a new BlogTalkRadio program starting December 7 at 10 am Est.  I hope you will all join my friends and see how God is working through all of us to become "perfect" through Him.
  • I've become very aware this week about how I have a tendency to say yes then ask questions after.  I'm going to be looking at my personal commitments in the next month and then step back from some of them in the new year.  I find I'm scrambling daily to get things done or I'm always playing catch up.  I don't like feeling this way.  I know I'm going to upset some people, but I hope they can understand that I just don't think this is were God is leading me and that my primary focus should be home.  Don't worry though, I won't be leaving the blog.  This is one of the things I enjoy doing. 
  • This week the boys had their immunizations.   Sam's went well.  He is in the 25% for his weight and 5% for his height.  He is my littlest guy, but definitely my heaviest.  His siblings have always been lucky if they're as high as 20% in the weight department.  Thomas' shots were scary.  After receiving this shots in his 2nd arm, he fainted.  It was a scary minute for a mommy, not knowing what was going on and not sure what to do.  We stayed with the Health Nurse for 1/2 hour and there were no other problems.  I took him home, fed him what he wanted (Pogos) and cuddled and watched Toy Story 3 (someone should have warned me how sad it was).  I knew he was fine when he snuck (is that word?) a 2nd doughnut from the tray that I had purchased for the family. 
  •  I'm excited as the Babes and I are going to be working through Beth Moore's study of David, "David- Seeking a Love Like His."   I can't wait to get going.  We just  have to wait until they arrive in the mail.  Hopefully today so we can start on Monday.  However, if it isn't here, then we are going to have a PJ Party and eat and eat and eat!  It should be fun and exciting no matter what.
  • Finally, did you know you can buy tube tops in plus sizes.  I'm just saying.....


Bobbi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bobbi said...

Okay, so I can't spell...onto a new comment...

Just wanted to let ya'll know my CR is up...I don't see the Linky Thingy today! Love and smiles!!

Michelle said...

I Linkyed guys and for some reason it didn't start. I know I put the code in. Oh well. Just fixed it. It should be working now.

Jen said...

How scary to see your little one faint like that. Your sleepover was so stinkin' cute. I'm sure that I'd fall asleep before my girls and then we'd be in for some TROUBLE! :)

Anonymous said...

As if I didn't spend enough time in my PJ's at preschool! :P

Hannah used to faint when she would cry too hard - she would hold her breath too long. It was awful. I am so glad my little genius is okay!

Anonymous said...

And by "my" little genius, I totally meant T. I'm only on my first cup of coffee!

Erin said...

Michelle, I loved this post!!

I think it's adorable your daughter asked Daddy if she could have a sleepover. My daughter and I used to do that, too.'ve given me an idea. Your breakfast sounds wonderful!!

I am with you on the saying "yes" and asking questions later. I'm reading a great book that I think will help me on this.

Hope you have a wonderful day! Are you wearing your tube top? :)


Linda said...

Good morning!!!! Fun to spend time with your daughter!!!!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Love all of this information - so much I want to comment upon! First of all, your friend's blog sounds fantastic - I'll check it out for sure! I LOVE The Secret Garden and can't wait until Sarah, my oldest, is ready to watch it. She's 5.5 years old - how old is your daughter? Maybe Sarah can watch it now...I thought I would first read the book and it doesn't seem like she's ready for the book yet. How precious to have mother/daughter time.

I'm so sorry you had to experience your baby fainting! :(

I did a study on David by Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur. A-mazing.

Have a wonderful weekend, Michelle!

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