Monday, November 1, 2010

Music Monday & Martha Mondays - A Match Made through Cleaning

I know I haven't written a Martha Mondays for the whole month in October.  I just thought that before I started tell you what I do that I had better start doing it! :P   This week I'm not only going to do Martha 's Monday, but Music Monday as well with Shawntele.  

A month ago, as I was just starting to think up ideas for Martha Mondays, I was listening to my favourite show on CBC Radio2, Vinyl Tap with Randy Bachman .  For my American friends, CBC is not quite like PBS, but not quite like the BBC either, though it is publicly funded. On his show each week he has a theme and plays music that goes to that theme.  I listen to this as I clean up after dinner and get the kids ready for the week.  That week is was playing original songs and the response songs that followed them (ie.  It's My Party and then the response song was "It's Judy's Turn to Cry.)  The one that made me laugh was Queen of the House by Judy Miller which of course was the response song to King of the Road.  

When I listened to the words I realized that she was singing many of our songs.  Of course, mine would most often start like "up everyday at 5:15 am!"  It got me thinking how important it is to have a clean up song.  Cinderella did; Snow White did; the Beast's servants did; the best was Giselle's in Enchanted, although I do question her choice of helpers.  I always have music playing when I'm cleaning.  It gets me jazzed up and in a happy place when I work.  Sometimes it's ABBA, sometimes it's my favourite praise CD.  Lately, it's been When God Fearing Women Get the Blues, by Martina McBride.  

I think the choice of a cleaning song has to be inspirational or something that gets you moving.  Can you really clean the toilets if you're listening to depressing music?  I say the livelier the better.  If you know the words that helps as you can sing at the top of your voice when dusting or doing the dishes.  I sometimes dance around.  Get the kids involved.  Then work will actually become fun and a time of bonding.  My daughter and I have danced while cleaning her room to her Mini Bops cd (that's a whole other blog).  

This week, I'm sharing the original song that inspired this blog.  I think I'll keep it as the Martha Monday's theme.  What do you think?

Queen of the House - Judy Miller
Up every day at six
bacon and eggs to fix
Four kids from one to four 
pretty soon there'll be one more

I got old floors to wax and scrub
and there's a dirty old ring in the tub
I'll get a maid someday 
but till then I'm queen of the house

No time to fix my hair 
need a new dress to wear
Old clothes will have to do 
cause the kids all need new shoes

I got bridge club each Tuesday night 
he goes out with the boys and gets tight
But when the evenin's through 
he comes a home to the queen of the house

I know the milkman the iceman 
they come every day
They give me tips on the horses to play
And when I got the time to spare I sit 
and wish that I'd picked a rich millionare

I sing up every day at six 
bacon and eggs to fix
Four kids from one to four 
pretty soon there'll be one more
Oh by Syndays I'm mighty glad 
we send the kids to his Mom and Dad
It's the day that makes me glad 
I'm queen of the house

Up every day at six bacon and eggs to fix
Four kids from one to four 
pretty soon there'll be one morez
Oh by Syndays I'm mighty glad... 

Let me know what your favourite housekeeping song is and share it with Shawntele at Saved by Grace.



Anonymous said...

If you ever forget this one, you can borrow my preschool clean up song. ;) Great idea, Michelle!

Andi said...

I like to turn to salsa music and pretend I'm dancing with the stars...I think some serious hip gyration while you dust gives a pretty good workout!

Shawntele said...

That is a fun song Michelle; I remember the days of singing Barney's clean up song in our house - so glad to be thorough with that one!!

So nice to have you link up yesterday, it makes my day when you stop by and visit! :O)

Bobbi said...

Hilarious...I love it!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your posts this morning. I will be praying for the pastor today and as the Lord brings his family to mind. Love your Martha Mondays and Music! I'll tuck your blog in my Google Reader. :)

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