Friday, November 5, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness - You Know You Call Someone Too Much When....

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I've mentioned before that earlier this year the Babes and I worked through Kelly Minter's "No Other Gods" study.  I learned many truths about my life including acknowledging what my idols were - my phone and through that, my friends. 

I struggle with this.  My friends encourage me, laugh with me, cry with me, and challenge me daily. I share with God as much as I share with them?  NO!  During this study, I shared with the Babes that the phone was my idol and they were my little "g" gods (I still refer to them as that).  My idol even calls me regularly to worship and adore it and it fits in the palm of my  hand.

This is my idol (oh, I mean phone).

Now many of you are probably wondering how much time do I spend on the phone.  Not as much as I used to and way too much to admit.  My husband jokes that I'm on the phone as soon as he leaves and when he gets home from work.  

In September, I did a "No Phone" week.  I would only answer calls from my husband, my grandmother and my mother in law (for obvious reasons).  I was determined not to call people.  I did break this rule a few times to ask questions about school, church and the new library system.  Overall I did pretty well and rewarded myself by calling people on Friday.  What did I learn:

  1. I get more housework done when I'm not on the phone;
  2. I can work more on my relationship with God; and
  3. I use the phone as a crutch when I'm lonely and bored.

I realized during this week as to how much I actually do spend on the phone when I'm bored.  I was shocked at the excuses I use to phone people when bored.  I make the most ridiculous things important so that I can call my friends.  I can't say I don't do this anymore, but I don't do it as often.  I shared this fact with my Evil Twin, whom I am guilty of calling every day and talking to for a least an hour a day.  She also realized how much we allow the phone to control our lives.  This past month, we haven't talked everyday and we've both called days of being incommunicado so that we can get our respective studies done.

Saying all this though I thought I would share a story she told me today.  The Evil Twin gave her old phone to a friend.  The friend has deleted all the contacts off the Evil Twin's old phone.  However, there is one number that she cannot delete as the phone will not allow her too - guess which one.  Yes, MINE!   The phone must be so used to calling my number that it's scared to lose it.  Maybe I became it's idol. :)

No matter what your idol is, know that through the cross, we can be free to embrace all the freedom that Jesus promised us and get to the land of  "milk and honey." 


Jen said...

You know, I actually HATE to talk on the phone, but I totally use my iPhone to do everything else. I have to put it down (I mean AWAY) when the kids are home or I'm always checking emails or playing Words with Friends. This is a great reminder of where things need to be on the priority list!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Michelle, you are such a dear. I am not ignoring you - your comments have been such a lift to me this past week. It has been really nuts so I have not visited until now but not because I didn't want to do so.

I understand what you say about the phone - I am always teetering on the edge of idolatry with so much. My family, the computer, my blog, writing...You name it. I have to check myself CONSTANTLY. It's so good you are aware of it.

"There's a difference between a lump in your oatmeal and a lump in your breast." You have NO idea how much this blessed me yesterday! I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks, sweet bloggy friend.

Have a great weekend!

Pat said...

Being one of Michelle's little "g" gods made me realize that I too rely heavily on friends to fill my day instead of filling it with God and my family. Thanks Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Try going cold turkey for two and a half months - I am about to DIE over here!!! Just kidding - I miss our daily phone conversations, but it's probably better that I'm spending that time teaching. Can you imagine what the moms would think if they came in and saw me on the phone at preschool! ;)

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