Monday, November 8, 2010

Martha Monday's - "...easy, easy like Sunday Mornings..."

Do you remember this song?  Lionel Richie would have us believe that Sunday mornings are easy.  If you're a mom, you know that this is so not true.  I would never call Sunday mornings easy.  In fact, last year, after I had just rushed in to finish prepping my Sunday School lesson, I told my Pastor that Lionel Richie was a liar.  She was a bit perplexed (have I ever mentioned that she's single).  Another mom, who was in the office with us, concurred with me.  Sundays are rarely easy.

On a typical Sunday, the kids wake up and watch tv.  I check out the computer.  Then I try to figure out what to the feed the kids.  Get the kids dressed (after running around looking for socks).  Remind Nic at least ten times to brush her teeth.  At some point, the grown ups get ready.  Then it's time to tell the kids to get their coats and shoes on.  Then it's time to tell the kids to get their coats and shoes on. Then it's time to tell the kids to get their coats and shoes on. (you get my drift).  Get everyone into the van. Ooops forgot the diaper bag.  Go back, pack it and race back to the van.  Finally, on the way to church.

Is this your Sunday?  Can you see any similarities?  I can tell you that I've been implementing some habits into my life to make Sundays a little easier.  I thought I would share them with you.

1.  Multitasking the night before.  I know as mom's we multitask every day.  However, Saturday night I get a lot done.  It's bath night.  As each one is in the bath, I clean up from dinner and the day and then get our clothes ready.  This way there is little to no ironing during the Sunday rush.

2.  Muffins!  I've started to make a batch of muffins each Sunday night for breakfast the next morning.  The kids want to eat right away.  I don't have to figure out what to get them.  Little mess.  Little clean up.

3.  Pack the bag the night before.  If the bag is ready, there's no running around trying to pack it or wondering if you have your Sunday School lesson or Bible.  This doesn't even have to mean the diaper bag (although in my house it does), it can also be your purse or Bible case.

Now I'm not going to lie and say that every Sunday has become stress free.  That would be lying.  Things are a bit easier.  Now, if I could just get the kids to put on their coats and shoes without asking.  

Do you have any suggestions that you do to make Sunday's easier?  Let me know.  I'm open to all suggestions.


Bobbi said...

We were having major Sunday morning arguments and stress and were convicted that it was NO WAY to enter into a day that was intended for worship and the teaching of God's Word. SO, we
-completely (ironing too)prepare outfits the night before
-have easy breakfasts (egg bake, muffins, anything that can be done before)
-set up dinner in the crockpot (roast, etc.)...all I have to do is pull it out of fridge, plunk it in the crockpot base, and turn it on low when I get up and we have lunch when we get home
-get up at normal sleeping in...and have quiet time to prepare my heart for the day!
-NO TV, NO COMPUTER before church...we let the kids listen to their Patch CD bible stories and other worship music. We tell them that the day is SPECIAL...and they need to prepare to listen to their teachers tell them about God's Word too!
-We dress the kids first, including shoes...set them up with their CD story...get ourselves dressed early...drink coffee, warm up the van...and then pack up the troops!

It's been working great!!

Michelle said...

I love the setting up the crock pot the night before. That would alleviate some of the stress. I also like the no TV/Computer. Does the mommy have to follow it too?:P

Jocelyn said...

I tend to have Megan wear the same dress most Sundays and she's good about getting her shoes and coat on when told. I have two diaper bags so I've started leaving one in the van as I have multiple tubs of diaper wipes so there is no need to constantly bring the diaper bag in. I choose what the boys will wear for clothes and put their shoes and jackets on for them. I also start getting everyone dressed as soon as they get up. No TV until they are dressed.

Anonymous said...

It gets easier as your kids get older, trust me. My big thing is making sure I wake everyone up early enough - I often forget that I need to get going 15 minutes earlier than a typical school day since our church starts so early. Really, can't Baptists be afternoon people?

~Rain``` said...

How about not go to church and have a family prayer time instead? He, he... all joking aside, as much as I am a HUGE proponent of community worship and serving in a local church, there are times when the best thing one can do for the family's spiritual life is to worship just as a family, in pajamas, of course. :)

Love your ideas and the ideas of your readers. I need to do more crock potting b/c sometimes our family's stress is coming home to no lunch!

Andi said...

No TV or computer on Sunday mornings! That is our hard and fast rule, as everyone goes into lala land when those are on.

Also, I tend to get the food ready the night before...

Of course, I've recently declared Sunday a "no work day for mommy" which means no cooking, or cleaning. That has meant we had to budget so we could eat our after church...

And, I see many people have given my suggestions, however I have one more suggestion!

An easy Sunday lunch is bacon egg and cheese sandwiches!

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