Thursday, January 19, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - Bugs Day


This week we are not talking about literal bugs, unless we can limit our conversations to either grasshoppers or ladybugs.  These are the only two I can actually put up with without wanting to squash them dead.  No this week we are going to discuss those little things that irritate us.  You know, like which way the toilet paper roll goes on or the sound of one hand clapping (I can actually do this).  When we were in Saskatchewan, the morning talk show radio host hosted the hour of Bugs Day for people to vent their frustrations.  I feel inspired to do this week.  In fact, I even prayed about what to write about and was lead to Bugs Day.  I think sometimes we just to rant for a minute so that we can get it out of our systems instead of allowing it to fester and become something bigger than it really is. So here goes some of the things that bug me.

People who park their trucks in two parking spots.  This just annoys me.  I don't park my van in two spots.  It's not even as if their truck is too wide for the spot.  They just park it because they think they can and they don't want people to scratch their paint.  These are the drivers who drive a truck for the status of driving a truck and not for the practicality because they didn't buy their truck for the purpose of doing what they are supposed to do:  hauling things.  I wouldn't mind if they would park at the back of the parking lot but they take the choice spots at the front of the lot. This is especially irritating in -30C weather. 

Another things that really bugs me is when you are at a play group and have told your children they can only have 3 timbits (doughnut holes at Tim Hortons) and then another mom lets their kids "pig out" on the said timbits which you  brought to share.    This actually happened to me.  What do you say?  I was speechless.  I was especially speechless when she said she let her kids have sd much as they wanted to because she would never buy them......Is your mouth hanging open as mine was?  I can still feel the blood boiling over this.  I can't even say it was because they weren't Christians, because they were.  I think that is what shocked me even more.  The lesson being taught:  gluttony is ok if mommy doesn't buy it for you?  I can't even wrap my head around that one.

Does it annoy you as much as it annoys me when you have been waiting at a store for a sales person or even the deli counter and then someone buts in and gets waited on even though you have been patient for more than 10 minutes.  I can actually smile when I write this though because once this happened to me when I had Nicole with me.  She couldn't have been anymore than about 3.  She saw what happened because I was explaining before to her that it was almost our turn and that we needed to wait nicely.  When a woman butted in front of us, she exclaimed "Mommy that lady was rude.  She took our turn."  I had to scold her for being rude, but I was secretly pleased - out of the mouths of babes. 

Many of us have different things that bug us.  Some things irritate some more than others.  Some things that irritate me may not irritate you at all.  I think that is why sometimes we just need to get it out.  Otherwise it will fester in us.  Lately I find that when I see something that really hits a nerve and I just want to scream, I pray.  I pray and ask that God take away the feelings of frustration, anger, envy, etc...  These are things that Satan wants me to feel.  These are easy entry ways for him to try to have us turn our eyes away from God.  When we face what bugs us head on and ask God to guide us these bugs will be easier to squash when they appear.

What is your bug today?  Come join in the "buggy" conversation with you randomness today.


kendal said...

repeating myself
so now i will go to teach middle school where i can have both!! happy friday, michelle!

Sherri said...

Still picking my mouth off of the floor.

I have had similiar instances with the lady butting in and my kids making a verbal stink about it. Like you said out of the mouths of babes.


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