Friday, May 18, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - The Murphy Brown Curse


I have a problem in my house.  It's a bit annoying.  To those who know me, or if you follow me on Facebook, you know my music tastes.  I prefer light music.  Music I can sing to.  Music that can change my mood.  The problem - the men in my family like Neil Young.  

For those who don`t know who Neil Young is (if you don`t, have you been under the musical rock?), Neil Young is a Canadian musician who started or played in some of the most influential bands of our times - Buffalo Springfield and, of course, Crosby Stills Nash and Young.  He has had an amazing solo career as well.  However, saying all this growing up I DID NOT LIKE NEIL YOUNG.  I appreciated some of his music (Harvest Moon, Old Man, This Notes for You), however, the other 99% of it I couldn`t stand.  Who knew that I would marry someone with the box set?

Neil and I learned to coexist together.  I would tolerate the music if I could eventually listen to my music.  I didn`t have to listen to Neil in my own vehicle or while Leroy was at work.  We had a great understanding.  This came to an end after the boys came. 

I had a Murphy Brown moment when Thomas was a baby.  Do you remember the episode where after she had her baby?  The baby is crying all night and she plays him her favourite Motown music.  Screaming continues.  While flipping stations on the radio, she passes a station playing Barry Manilow (her musical arch nemesis).  The baby stops crying.  She switches back to her music baby cries.  She switches back to Barry Manilow, baby stops crying.  She starts crying.  This happened between me and Neil.  My hubby was listening to Neil`s Old Man while Thomas was in one of his biggest meltdowns and I couldn`t get him to stop.  Old Man know what happened.  Neil had broken the truce.  When ever Thomas would get upset, we would play Neil and he would go to sleep. 

Since then I have gained a greater appreciation for Neil.  My husband has even suggested that I never hated Neil, I only pretended to hate him.  I actually enjoy watching and listening to the video of his Heart of Gold tour.  I can actually sing along to most of it now.  

However, Neil is about to release a new album in June.  I was a little excited about it.  I thought it would be like the Heart of Gold material.  Alas, it is not.  He is taking old traditional music and twisting it.  Here is his version of She`ll be Coming Around the Mountain :

Yes I know.  Interesting.  I have to admit that the more I hear it, the more it grows on me or maybe I`ve become dull to it because I hear it at least 50 times a day.  The boys all love it.  I mean all of them.  My hubby of course loves it because it`s Neil.  Thomas as well.  Now Sam.  Leroy was playing it and Sam ran to the TV and started moshing and dancing to it.  He too loves Neil now.  In fact, when it is playing on my laptop, Sam has figured out how to get it to play again and again and again and again until Mommy closes YouTube.  When asked if they wanted to listen to Mommy`s cool funky music or Daddy`s, Thomas says Daddy`s.  I made the mistake of asking him why the other morning.  He said "Me like it!"  Who can argue with that?

Here`s hoping that I can enter into some detente with Neil.  Although, I`d rather listen to Neil than Yo Gabba Gabba (shhhhhhh don't tell the boys). 

Have you had a Murphy Brown Moment?  What music do you listen to? 

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Andrea M said...

Hahaha! This made me laugh. Kevin is always trying to get the kids to like his music, but its not working. Thank goodness!

Katharine said...

Oh too funny! I'm not a big fan, so the thought of this over and over might put me over the edge... lol!
Have a great long weekend!

Danise Jurado said...

Great story! I am with you though... not a huge fan either. I am new to your blog hop... nice to meet you! I blog about faith and fitness. Blessings~

~Rain``` said...

Funny! Since marrying my husband, I have been exposed to Neil Young and I actually really like him! (Gasp!) My husband has compiled this CD with some of Neil's classics and I listed to it all the time! Who-would-have-thought!

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