Sunday, November 18, 2012

3 in 30 - Week 3 Update

It's the beginning of Week 3 for my 3 in 30 goals.  For a reminder of what they are:

1.  Read Made to Crave and the Lean
2. Organize my Pantry, Office, Laundry Room and Master Bedroom
3.  No Yelling.

Oh how I wish I could tell you I had good news on all of them.  It's been a rough week.  I have not picked up Made to Crave since last week.  I am hoping to catch up in the next day or two (wishful thinking though).  I haven't kept up with the Lean.  I need to jump back on that bandwagon.  I have been feeling very BLAH and overweight.  I have been emotionally eating and need to STOP.   If I want to make changes I'm going to have to get serious this week.

I was almost got through the 1/2 the month with no yelling.  But I fell, and fell hard.  I totally lost it on the kids when they were interrupting and badgering me.  I think I need to implement a $1 rule.  Every time I yell I have to pay a jar $1.00 and the money at the end of the month goes to buy the kids an ice cream, if there is any.  I'll have to think of a consequence for them for their yelling and not money but loss of tv or computer time, which they seem to covet.  

Last week I told you I was supposed to clean and organize the laundry room.  That did not happen.  I did however, organize my kitchen desk and the main office.  I even filed and dusted.  It looks great. 

Downstairs Office

Downstairs Office

Kitchen Desk

I know I'm not showing you any before pictures.  But I'm a bit embarrassed about how it was before.  After I cleaned the office I took the kids on a tour and informed them that I expected it to keep looking like that.  

I made time though on Friday to create an entry way bench.

I have been wanting one for a while and decided to make one.  I had a coffee table that someone gave me.  It was the perfect size.   I went to the local thrift store and purchased the two cushions   I don't like the material, but I plan on recovering them eventually when I find my crafting area (another area in my life that I need to organize).  I then scoured the house for a basket to that fit on the shelf.  I found one in the kids room.  It was being used to stash stuff they didn't want to put away.  Now I am using it to put their mittens, toques (it's a Canadian thing) and scarves.  I love the way the bench came out.  I am now inspired to do a post about reusing and recycling.  

Hope everyone is doing good on their goals.  Can't wait to see what's up.

I'm linking into to the 3 in 30 at Welcome to our Good Life.


Mandy Boogaard said...

Wow! Your office looks great! Want to come clean mine?

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