Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm Joining Again!

So I'm going to do it again. This time though I'm not alone. I'm actually doing it with 3 other friends. I wasn't originally invited either, I pushed my way in.....which is just my M.O. My friends don't mind though. They're excited to have my join. Not that I would care, either way. Ok, I would care if it upset them, but it hasn't. What is it you ask? The 3 in 30 Challenge. 

It's been about a year since I have participated. Things have changed, like it's home. But the rules remain the same. I am to pick 3 things to work on this month and blog about them each week. Here goes.....


I found a pin from Bowl Full of Lemons blog. She has been blogging about organizing different areas of your home for the past two months. I found this challenge about a month after she started and immediately organized my kitchen cupboards. I have enjoyed the organization as I can find things and everything has a home. I especially love my coffee/tea station above my Keurig. My intention was to keep going weekly, but I fell off the bandwagon as soon as I jumped on it. So I want to continue to on. 

I won't be doing the garage as we don't have one, so I will be skipping week two and moving down the list. This month I will be working on my pantry, office, laundry room and master bedroom.


I really need to lose some weight. Ok, I really need to lose 20 lbs. Don't panic my goal is not to lose 20 lbs this month, though that would awesome. I really just want to work on why I am overeating and get some new healthy habits going. I bought Made to Crave a year ago, along with the study guide. I've only done week one. For some reason, I never get past the first week. This month I liked to finish up to week four.

I'm also going to follow the Lean program. Again I bought it and only got through the first week.  This is not a diet, but a program of getting healthy eating habits into your lifestyle in 30 days. I won't be following everything she suggests as she is a vegan and pushes that lifestyle. I really enjoy meat. So on the days she suggests substituting veggies for meat, I will do it for the day, but won't do it for the duration.


This is one of my original 3 in 30 challenge goals. I'm still yelling. I don't want to be that person. I don't want to be a nag to my husband or children. There is nothing positive that comes from yelling. In fact the only thing that comes from yelling is my kids yelling. This has been happening too much around here lately. I read the Duggar's book “A Love that Multiplies”. Michelle Duggar doesn't yell when she's angry. She whispers. I'm going to try this. I am also not going to yell to call them upstairs, but go and get them. Nothing annoys me as asking one of the kids to get the others and having them yell at them. I need to emulate good manners to get my kids to change too.

Come join in at Welcome to Our Good Life and make some good changes


Nikki said...

Great goals! I'm sure you can achieve them this month! And I especially like your goal of not yelling; it's so hard not to yell sometimes, isn't it?

Mandy Boogaard said...

Michelle! I'm so glad to see you participating here!

Karen Bergstreiser said...

Yup! She just barges on in but we love her anyway.... Great goals! Your organizing one scares me but I know you will be able to nail it. Think I'll just stick with doing my kitchen this month.

Deanna said...

I just downloaded Made to Crave...we'll read it together! Good luck with whispering. I've heard that about Michelle Duggar and sometimes wonder if that is really true, all.the.time.

Janet Rose said...

Great goals for November! I need to lose 20 pounds, too, but seem to be at a standstill. Ugh! Hope this month is a jumpstart to a healthier you (and me).

Jedidja said...

Never give up, say my daughter here ;-)

Susie said...

Looking forward to walking this road with you, my friend... much love to you!!

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