Friday, November 9, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - Are We Forgetting?


Ever since I can remember, I have remembered.  I was taught to respect the day, the reason and those who gave so much for so little.  I remembered wearing my poppy with pride.  I remember being honoured with carrying the wreath.  I remember the honour of carrying our flag during the ceremony.  I remember practicing with the choir the songs we would sing in honour and remembrance.

I am proud to come from a family that served in World War II and the Korean War.  I am proud that my dad served in Afghanistan.  I am proud of a sister who serves in our armed forces.  I am proud of my in laws and the sacrifices they made during the war in occupied Holland.  I am proud of my father in law's uncle, who was a leader in the resistance.  I am proud of those Canadians who liberated them after the long winter of 1944/45. 

Yesterday, I got the pleasure of watching my daughter sing at her school's assembly.  I got to pin the poppy on Tman's shirt.  I watched as children lead the ceremony.   I watched as children, chosen for their citizenship, carried wreaths made in remembrance.  I watched as parents listened to the guest speaker speak of her childhood during the war and the loss of freedom that we take for granted.

I am proud to teach my children the legacy that I was taught.  However, some are not.  Some parents are requesting that their children be exempt from attending these ceremonies.  Some school districts are allowing students to withdrawal.  What happened with honour and respect?  What happened with teaching our children about the sacrifice so many made so that we could enjoy the freedoms we do?  What happened with teaching our children to respect those who serve to protect those same freedoms?  When we forget and disrespect, we take things for granted and begin to become entitled.  We cannot forget.  We cannot become complacent.  We should and must teach the legacy.  We are doomed to repeat, lest we forget.  As for me and my house.......

What do you do to remember?  How do you continue the legacy?  Come join the java junkies and share in the randomness this week. 


Mindy @ New Equus - A New Creation said...

I am proud to have a grandfather who served in WWII, a father who served in Korea and a nephew who is currently serving as a Marine. You are right...we cannot forget. And those who bury their heads in the sand will miss some very valuable lessons. What a shame that is.

Laurie Collett said...

God bless your family for their service. May we never forget the sacrifice of those who died for our freedom, especially the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ Himself. Thanks for the great post & for hosting, & God bless!

Sherri Davidson said...

I have had family serve too and it makes me so proud. I also stand in awe of the ones who serve now. Not only the soldiers but their families that carry on with out them. We are so blessed as a nation that these individuals are willing to do this for us to keep us safe, free and enable us to freely embrace our religion!! Our Christianity!!!

Jedidja said...

Beautiful blog. Yes, you may be proud :-)

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