Monday, August 17, 2009

MM&M: The Hike

Last week on MM&M we left our heroine leaving the restaurant with a slightly preoccupied Leroy......

We drove into the foothills of Alberta (remember it was mid-March.) The further we drove into the Mountains, the more snow there was. Luckily I actually had hiking boots.

Leroy pulled into the parking lot by the trail he wanted to take me on. We started to climb. We climbed and we climbed. We continued climbing for about 30 minutes. At that point Leroy started mutter about Plan A and Plan B. My attitude was if we missed the trail we were supposed to take, we could just keep hiking and then turn around. At one point during our ascent up the mountain (ok, not that big of mountain), Leroy went ahead and left me alone. It was a sunny day and the sun was shining off the snow. I started to sing Worship Songs. I was still high from my "Holy Spirit Weekend!"

When Leroy came back, we kept going ahead on the trail. We finally met up with some people who confirmed we were on the wrong trail. They recommended going through the beaver dam as the quicker way back. We ran through the beaver dam, through at least 3 feet of snow. We were soaked and it was starting to get colder.

When we finally got back to the car, all I wanted was to go home and drink Hot Cocoa. I was wet. I was sore (hadn't been on a hike like that in years). I was tired. Leroy, however, wanted to go to Elbow Falls since we were out there anyway.

When we got to Elbow Falls, we immediately went up to the look outs. Once we got to the look outs, Leroy went down on one knee and proposed. I was shocked and surprised. I started crying and said "YES!". He gave me my engagement ring, which was the ring I had always dreamed of. We walked back to the car laughing and crying. When we got to the car, Leroy pulled out a dozen red roses from the trunk. On our drive back, Leroy started telling the tale of his day. The fact that on the way to church he found a florist that was open early, and how he had been up all night with nerves. We called everyone once we got back to Leroy's house. We immediately started planning the wedding. By the end of the night we had a date - November 25.

The next day, I went to work. I didn't tell anyone what happened - right away. It turned out that two of the lawyers of the firm, as well as another assistant, also got engaged during the weekend(must of the water). One of the lawyers, who knew I was attending the Alpha Weekend, asked me how it was. I said it was awesome and that I had accepted Christ and Leroy all in the same weekend. She realized what I was saying. Needless to say, it wasn't long until everyone knew.

That night, I didn't see Leroy. My roommate and I met up to go to the Ricky Martin Concert! Before the concert, we started talking. Both of us were all smiles. We joked about finally getting the whole "Happy Smiley Christian" thing. When we got to the concert , we went to our seats.. They were awesome. Leroy had purchased the tickets for us, so we immediately phoned him to thank him.

Next week, follow our heroine in the horrors of Wedding Dress Shopping during a sale!!!!!


Andrea said...

What a fantastic way to propose! And what an awesome weekend, too - very, very cool!

"Rachel" said...

That's so awesome! Christ and a fiance in one weekend. Love it!!!

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