Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday's Teachings......

I have to admit that this week I have nothing. Not because I have nothing to say (something that rarely happens), but I have been very busy since Friday.

First we had my mom and step dad come for a visit with their foster children. Then I froze 27 lbs of baby carrots. Today I froze the beans from our garden and volunteered at our local library with Andrea, of Under Grace Over Coffee. Finally, tonight I went to a goodbye party for a friend who is moving to another province. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little more relaxing (actually, I will be cleaning the house).

So I will leave you with something to think about this week and will return next week with my "Tuesday's Teaching".
He came to pay a debt He didn't owe, because we had a debt we couldn't pay.


ellie said...

okay....27 lbs of carrots?! wow! lol no wonder you say you've got nothing....lol. I'm telling you what, it seems like the end of summer just gets busier and busier for everyone as time goes on....esp. moms. :D

Anonymous said...

Want to freeze carrots in my fridge now? I'll let you! :P

Michelle said...

Jen asked the same question Andrea. My answer.....NO! You got them, you deal with them. LOL :)

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