Monday, August 24, 2009

MM&M: The Plan......

Last week our heroine got the ring, now what was she going to wear.........

The weekend following our engagement, I went dress shopping and I didn't go alone. My room mate and I took along our friend Chris. We joked around about our conversions, as we all had not been followers before the Alpha Retreat. Part of the reason, as well, that Chris had agreed to go along was that our friend Joanne's dance troupe was dancing at one of the malls and we planned to go there after dress shopping (by the way, they are now married.)

We first went to the see Joanne dancing, then we went to go dress shopping. We went to a bridal store that was having a sample sale. Not as large as Kleinfelds, but it was busy just the same. My room mate and I went through the dresses. Chris sat down and stayed out of the way. As I tried on each dress, we watched Chris's reaction. He didn't like any of the ones we had picked out. A consultant brought us a dress. We both looked at her like she was "daft." She quickly stated that it looked horrid on the rack, but once on was great. I tried it on begrudgingly just to amuse her. When I put it on, I knew it was the one. When Chris saw me in the dress he said "That's the One!!!!" I quickly put a deposit on it. A plus about my dress is that it was actually one size too large, so there was no stress about losing that last 10 lbs.

Next Hair. Luckily, my room mate had hooked me up with her hairdresser and she immediately agreed to do my hair. In fact, she was willing to do it "under the table" which worked for me as the money would actually go to her for all her hard work, rather than the salon (an overpriced and pretentious place).

Leroy and I also immediately went out and started scoping sites for our wedding. Unfortunately, we hit a snag. Our perfect wedding date, November 25, was also the weekend of the Grey Cup (Canada's version of the Super Bowl). That year our City was hosting the game. Most of the hotels were already booked for private parties. We were pretty much left with two choices. We went to the Shriner's Lodge. The grounds were beautiful, however, the inside was last decorated in the 1970's. The next site we viewed was the Calgary Wedding Pavilion. Once there, I knew I had to get married there. Luckily, so did Leroy! The Wedding Pavilion also alleviated our stress as they did most of the work. We only had to pick out our flowers for our bouquets, dresses, suits, invitations and honeymoon.

My sister came to visit and we met her at West Edmonton Mall. We had her try on every dress (as she was my matron-of-honour) in the mall. We finally reached the store that had the dress I wanted her to wear. She tried on the dress. Both her and Leroy hated it and vetoed the dress. She tried on a different dress at the same store that she and Leroy preferred. I learned to compromise at that time.

Some of my friends joked that Leroy had a lot of say regarding the wedding plans. I was determined that I was not going to be a bridezilla. As well, Leroy's brother, who had been married a few years before us, joked about only picking out the colour of his cumber bun. I was determined that Leroy should have an equal say about the wedding as it was also his day, not just mine.

As summer flew by we slowly started getting our wedding plans finalized. By the end of summer we began questioning the wedding. Not canceling the wedding or breaking up. We talked about eloping. I was actually ok with it if we got married either at the Cook Islands or at the Venetian in Las Vegas (both as much, if not more as the wedding we were planning). Our Pastor even offered marry us privately if we wanted. We talked about it and decided to wait.

During this period we also attended pre-marriage classes. This was interesting because we had to be honest with each other about of values, plans, dreams before our Pastor. I wouldn't have changed it though. At one point, we had fill out a Values and Plans questionnaire separately (No peeking) When we went through it, we were surprised as to how much we both agreed on.

I also started to take Profession of Faith classes (Catechism for Adults). I enjoyed these classes and learned a lot about God, my faith and my self. The classes strengthened my faith and led further in my relationship with the Father. However, it also left me with a feeling that I wanted to be baptized, again.

As a child I had been baptized. Not that I don't believe in infant baptism (another time), but I didn't feel that my baptism had been honest. When each of my children, subsequently have been baptized, Leroy and I have had to answer questions about raising our children in the faith

First: Do you acknowledge that our children, though conceived and born in sin and therefore subject to all manner of misery, yes, to condemnation itself, are sanctified in Christ, and therefore as members of His Church ought to be baptized?

Second: Do you acknowledge the doctrine which is contained in the Old and the New testament, and in the articles of the Christian faith, and which is taught here in this Christian church, to be the true and complete doctrine of salvation?

Third: Do you promise and intend to instruct these children, when come to the years of discretion in the aforesaid doctrine, and cause them to be instructed therein, to the utmost of your power
I felt that my parents, if they had answered the questions, had been false or evasive. Neither attended church, let alone instructed us God's plan or word. I felt that they had lied. I felt that they had only baptized my sister and I as a show. I wanted to be re-baptized. I wanted my conversion to be pure and honest. This did cause quite a stir. I explained my position to our Pastor. The Church leadership agreed, once they heard my story.

I did Profession of Faith and was baptized on September 24, 2000. I was nervous at giving my testimony in front of Leroy's parents and his aunt. However, once I did I felt free. I felt like a child of God. A new person. I was clean of my past and ready to move on to my future........

Tune in next week for our season's finale of MM&M


Anonymous said...

I did the same thing with my wedding dress - thought it was awful on the hanger and ended up crying once I had it on! It's a good thing those ladies know what they're talking about!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I'm late to this - this is the first time I've had this week to really sit down and read.

1. I did the SAME thing with the wedding dress I ended up buying - awful on the rack but turned out to be THE dress.

2. I love that you got re-baptized. I did the same thing. I was baptized as a child but got re-baptized as an adult. I think it's awesome you did so. :)

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