Friday, May 13, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - Preschool Graduation

Sorry for the delay, but you can blame Blogger......


So yesterday was Middleman's Preschool Graduation. I have to admit that I was so so about going (sorry Mrs. Muffin). One because I feel so so about those little celebrations. I never cried dropping the Princess at kindergarten on the first day of school. Of course, that could be because of the fight over her shoes before dropping her off. I also know that I have one more year of him being “little” before he hits the big school as we have decided to keep him out of kindergarten one more year while we arrange for therapies to work with his autism.

That “A” word was the other reason I was a little apprehensive about going. Middleman does not do well in large crowds. He doesn't like the noise or that many people around his space. The last time we were in a large group he didn't know, he had a melt down. This is just one of the things we try to avoid. So, as I said I was a little so so about to going.

I'm glad now that we did. They had each of the classes go up to the stage, sing a song and then handed out diplomas. Did I mention that one the Babes made caps for each of the students? They looked so cute in their rainbow caps and their little outfits and frilly dresses. When it was Middleman's classes' turn, he ran up for his cap, which had to be green (I mentioned that to our helpful EA) and then ran back to mom. He was not going up the stage to do any song (this is normal, we're still shocked he went up there for the Christmas concert). He did, however, run up when his name was called for his diploma. He was so happy to get his paper with his name on it. Most of the moms were crying at this time. Not me. I was busy keeping Middleman from melting down from the clapping.

Then one of the parents made a photo montage of all the different classes. She had two songs, one I was unfamiliar with and the other was Vitamin C's Graduation Song. I was listening to the words of the song and the chorus choked me up.

As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come Whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

Most of the kids at the preschool will be growing up together, going to the same school, being in the same classes. They will most likely know each other at their next graduation in 12 years. Not Middleman. He will be going to a new school and will be making new friends. This does sadden me. This graduation became not just a realization of my child moving from preschool, but that our family is moving and leaving our little community for a new community. I'm excited and scared just as each of these little preschoolers are about kindergarten. What will happen? Will they like me? Will I like them? These are questions our children ask about the big school, but they're also questions and worries I have in the move that we are making. I know and trust though that someone larger than me is leading us and will hold our family in His hands on that first day of “school”.

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Anonymous said...
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Andrea said...

Well, you made me cry!

Aurie said...

How sweet! So glad that he did so well :)

Kendal said...

oh, michelle, thank you for sharing this. i'm glad he did well. and keep us posted on the move. i want to pray for you with specific requests.

Amy Sullivan said...

The "A" word is a toughie, and I understand the "so, so"-ness of those kind of celebrations. Hoping you find good friends, good support, and love in your new community.

Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

What a sweet post -- I always get choked up at those kind of occasions. Guess I'm pretty much an emotional basketcase!

Good luck with what lays ahead -- you will be in my thoughts.

Donnetta said...

So I'm wondering if the delay of your post is similar to the excuse of "the dog eating the homework? LOL... sorry, I just couldn't resist.

I can relate to the emotions experienced at those types of things being different than those of most other families there. I'm glad it sounded like it went so well!

And as for what is ahead, just keep resting in Him as He prepares the way for blessings and provisions beyond your wildest imaginations!

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