Thursday, October 13, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - The Cut


When you move, you not only move from your friends, but also another important person in your life:  your hairdresser.  A hairdresser, doesn't just cut your hair.  They are counselor, fashion assistant, confidant and friend.  I had a great hairdresser back in Saskatchewan - Mr. Gerald (the kids added the Mr.).  He was awesome.  I trusted him and was never let down.  I was always happy after getting my hair cut, whether he cut my hair short or highlighted it blond.  Gerald also worked with me in being able to cut middleman's hair.  After a horrible experience at a children's salon, Gerald patiently worked with Thomas for over a year to be able to get him to sit on the chair and allow his hair to be cut.  Gerald had a great personality and we could solve the world's problems in the two hours it took to highlight my hair.

Now I have moved and I no longer have Mr. Gerald.  I went to see another hairdresser this summer.  James had no personality and gave me a trim.  He did not layer my hair the way I liked it, even though that is what I asked for.  He didn't even really talk to me.  I was not really happy and didn't go back.  I checked out some of the other salons in town and couldn't believe that it was going to cost more than $40.00 for a wash and cut, let alone highlights starting at $90 before cut.  
Earlier this month I was so desperate I dyed my own hair (after quick research for the best at-home dye on my Blackberry) and then I cut my own bangs.  I didn't think I did such a bad job, but I have to admit that some of my gray didn't take to the colour as much as I would have liked it too.  

Today, I finally said enough was enough.  I was tired of my hair.  It was long and straight and needed to be layered badly.  It just fell flat and wouldn't keep up the volume no matter how much backcombing and hairspray I put in.  I went to one of those chop houses.  You know the cheap hairdressers.  I have lucked out a few times before and found great hairdressers through them, however, I have also had some crappy hair cuts thanks to them.  This time I lucked out.  Karlee was great.  I told her what I wanted and showed her some pictures.   In 20 minutes I had a great hair cut and had some great conversation.  

I love my new cut and will definitely be going back to see Karlee and the chop house even takes appointments, not just walk ins.  I finally think I'm starting to get the hang of this move.

My New Cut


Jedidja said...

Wow, beautiful!

kendal said...

i love it! i haven't had mine cut since about long and flat. and i have a friend who has moved twice in the last 8 years and STILL drives back here to have her hair done!

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

I love it!! I'm struggling with my hair at the moment.....sigh.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I personally think that's the best cut you've had - so cute on you!

Sherri said...

I really like your new hair cut. It looks like a lot of fun. As someone that has moved a fair amount and has stubborn curly hair I totally understand the missing of a great hairdresser. I am glad you found one that you can trust and enjoy yourself while there.

I also wanted to let you know that I gave you the Versatile blogger award.

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