Monday, October 17, 2011

Messy Monday - Where is Hope?

Messy Monday's where I share what God has been showing me through the messiness of life.  It is my personal belief that this walk isn't clean and crisp and straight or narrow.  It's wide and twisted and mucky and messy.  It's about the ups and the downs, but through it all God is there with us.  

Lately I have felt defeated and worn out.  I have been in a battle for over two years that is beyond my control and I am tired.  I don't know if I can fight anymore.  I want to retreat and hide.

The image that resonates with me right now is the one at the end of the LOTR: Return of the King, in the final battle where it appears the battle is lost.  You can see the fear, sorrow and defeat in their eyes.  That is how I feel right now. 


And there is a yet to those who know the story.  There is victory just as we think the "king" will be defeated.  The hero has completed his task and the evil one is defeated.  But this is not just a story and we know who won the war over Satan 2000 years ago.  That does not mean there will not be battles we need to face.  It is hard.  It is tiring.  But still I wait, because He asks me too.  

Wait for the LORD;
   be strong and take heart
   and wait for the LORD.
Psalm 27:14 NIV84

Waiting is hard.  It requires perseverance and patience.  I pray that I can continue to persevere through this time.


Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

waiting is so hard - but also SO worth the wait. Praying for you!

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Thank you again for being so "real" about things, Michelle. I heard someone say recently that they woke up every morning and reminded themselves that there wasn't anything they were going to face in the day that God couldn't handle...boy, I have been reminding myself of that, too!

I'll be praying for you, for that hope and reminder of God's strength in the battle. God Bless You!!!!

~Rain``` said...

Keep waiting on His goodness...

Rosann said...

Waiting is indeed so hard... spend any amount of time reading through my blog (particularly those posts related to unemployment) and you'll see I can relate to a wait that doesn't seem to be coming to an end. Like you, I'm tired and weary. But I continue to persevere because that's what God is asking of me. He wants me to trust Him. He wants you to trust Him.

Praying for you...


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