Thursday, March 1, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - It's been a busy week...


It has been a busy week this week, however, God has been busy.  I have witnessed or been told of amazing things that have happened this week.  Not that things this week haven't been stressful or there hasn't been some stories I have heard where there is sadness, but there has been joy and amazement.

Andrea, at My Cup of Joy, had a little baby boy.  He is quite cute.  He was born with a few complications during delivery but it sounds like both he and mom are well.  He also was able to have his surgery to correct his omphalocele today due to a cancellation.  He was scheduled for surgery for Monday.  God is good.

My friends mom had a angiogram and the doctors were able to do an angioplasty to clear some blockages to her heart on Tuesday.  Everything went fine and her mother is already doing better.  

Earlier this week I had Thomas' Specialized Services Meeting for therapies to assist him at home and in the community.  It went so well.  I am blessed to have these women involved in Thomas' life.  They are all focused on him doing his best.  I have also been able to do this within one month, when many providers have a year waiting list.  I also had an interview with a service provider for Sam's therapies for the fall.  It too went well.  I am excited.  I have one more interview in two weeks and will hopefully have this all organized by the end of the month.  This has been very stressful trying to organize this for the boys at the same time. 

I love when good things happen.  I love seeing God in action.  I love seeing His plans come to fruition.  It encourages me and brings me hope.  I know that sometimes things don't work out the way we think either.  I have heard of some stories of deep sadness this week.  However, though I mourn with these individuals, I am focusing on hope.  Focusing on God moving.  Trusting God's bigger plan that I don't fully know, nor do I get to see.  This is a place of contentment.  I place I have been trying to strive for this year and a place that I am getting comfortable in.  

How have you seen God work this week?

Now there is another thing to be happy about.  The winner of last week's giveaway.  I know I said that I would do it on Monday, but as I said it has been a busy week.  I want to thank Mrs. Miller and Jennifer for their pictures.  It was nice to see people playing along.  I am glad I am not the only crazy person to share what she looks like at 6 am.  I also want to thank the people who said I was brave.  It's nice to hear, but I still think it proves more how crazy I am. 

So the winner of the $10 Starbuck Gift Card is .....drumroll please.........

Shanda Oakley of A Pause on the Path.  

Congratulations and thank you all for playing along. 


kendal said...

so glad things are going well for thomas!

Katharine said...

Yah, I forgot to take the picture, but I don't remember much until at least 7!
God is so much bigger than our understanding, and loves us so much more than we know! Hope is a beautiful thing to hold on to!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jen Ferguson said...

Congrats to Shanda. I'm sure my scary picture served some other purpose! :)

Shanda said...

Oh WOW....I I am sitting her drinking my coffee...maybe I will take the photo now!!!!
Thank you

Sherri said...

What a great week!! So happy to hear about Andrea and her boy!
God truly is wonderful!!

ps,I took my 6am pic and then never managed to get it put up in time. Maybe later this week I will put it up just for fun.
Have a great weekend Michelle.

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