Friday, March 30, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - I Saw It!


 Ok, I have to admit that I have been affected by the Hunger Games addiction.  I love these books.  I first read them (OK I actually listened to the audiobooks) last year after I got my iPod Nano.  I loved them.  They were not only well written, but were very intriguing.  They made me think about reality TV shows.  

I will admit that I watch a lot of TV.  In fact, growing up I watched a lot of TV as well.  However in the last 10 years I have been seeing reality TV take over regular TV.  Growing up and into my twenties sitcoms were what people watched, now it seems that people want to watch other people make fools of themselves or try to "Out Wit, Out Last, and Out Play" each other in various game shows.  I admit I watch some of these shows and get tired of seeing people whine about their "glamorous" lives, false marriages and where to dry their wigs.   I don't need to see how supposed "Housewives" are earning a living or spending copious amounts of money on shoes (I can watch myself do that if given a chance).    Unfortunately, reality shows are cheaper to produce than sitcoms, they don't require actual actors or writers.  Unfortunately, we are actually watching these shows.  

The people from these shows are now becoming the new stars (think Kardashians or Kate plus).   They are the news makers in the actual news not just the tabloids.  These are the people our children are growing up imitating.  This scares me.  Especially upon thinking about the Hunger Games.  When do we get to a place where image is more important than integrity and hard work?  When do we get to the point that it's OK to watch people dying on TV for enjoyment?  When do we get to the point where the game shows we watch become actual killing games (that quote from Survivor would take a new meaning)?

I am not writing this in judgment of anyone.  I have actually watched many of these shows at one time or another.  But the Hunger Games have made me question what I am watching and am I watching for enjoyment (The Amazing Race) or shock factor (Survivor/Keeping Up with the Khardashians? Am I watching because I might learn something (Pawn Stars) or because someone might say something stupid (remember Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica)?   Is this something that I could let my kids watch or would let my kids watch?  

I did a blog post on this subject a few years ago called "Be Careful Little Ears."  Upon rereading the post I am remembering how the Bible calls us to live in Ephesians 5:1-20:

At the end of the passage, God instructs us how to live:
  • Avoid everything not of God & expose them in truth and love;
  • Be careful how you live, making the most of every opportunity in your lives;
  • Understand the Lord's Will in your life, through study and prayer;
  • Do not get drunk, but be filled by the Spirit; and
  • Sing songs of worship together, always giving thanks to God.
I am going to try to vet what I watch more carefully.  To make decisions that not only honour God, but also shows that I could let my kids watch.   Not that I would let my kids watch everything I watch, there are shows that are just not appropriate for them.  What I should be watching should be reflective on the type of life I am living and the person God created me to be.  

What are your thoughts on reality TV?  What are your thoughts on the Hunger Games premise?

PS:  I saw the movie and highly recommend it!

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kendal said...

loved the books, liked the movie. i read them because i tech middle school and recognized that my students would love them. it's been great to discuss the books and movies with these kids. as for reality television, not a fan. love tv, just not reality!

Ashley Pichea said...

haven't read the hunger games yet {and won't see the movie til I do}, but we bought the trilogy last night, so it won't be long!

on reality tv... we watch it, but not as much as we used to. we're careful about what the kids watch, too. the only "reality" show they're allowed to watch w/ us is american idol.

Sunflower Faith said...

Not a big fun of reality t.v. except the singing competitions.

Life has enough drama and t.v. is about taking the time to "get away" after a long day.

Watching other people scream and fight and scheme over and over, like to think humanity is a little better than that and after a long day...too much drama.

It just seems too much voyeurism these days and a need to depend on watching other people's miseries for "cheap entertainment".

Wasn't aware of the "Hunger Games" till now.

Sherri said...

I did not even know what the Hunger Games were until all the hype from everyone on FB. I finally had to ask a fellow dance mom as she was reading the 3rd book at the studio what they were even about.
I like some reality TV such as my HGTV. But I much prefer sitcoms. I only have limited time to watch TV so I want to be entertained.

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