Saturday, March 17, 2012

More important than St. Patricks Day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  Millions of Irish people or wanna be Irish, will be eating corned beef and hash and drinking either green beer or Guinness.  However, today 39 women begin a 21 day, nearly 250 mile walk to commemorate the 39 years of Roe vs. Wade decision.  They are walking from the largest Planned Parenthood center in Houston, Texas to the courthouse that heard the original decision in Dallas, Texas.  

These 39 women are all in their 20s and represent different races and regions and reasons.  Some have had abortions.  Some are survivors of abortions.  Some are representative of people that are now questioned as having any quality of life.  They walk to bring awareness to the pro life movement and to pray over their footsteps as they travel.  When they arrive in Dallas on Good Friday there is an Esther Call being planned.  There will be a large outside communion service.  Everyone who is able to attend is invited to this service.  If you are available I would urge you to go and let your voice be heard.  If you are not able to attend I would recommend praying for these women and their walk.  Praying that God would hear our voices for those who cannot speak. 

There is a generation of children that were never heard and millions more waiting for someone to hear them and their suffering.   As a mother of children that some would argue have no quality of life, I say "Who are you to determine quality of life?"  My view of quality is different from yours and vice versa.  There are babies who are aborted because there may or may not be a possibility of a special needs.  Everyone has a right to life.  Everyone has a right to be heard, including the unborn.

Praying that in my daughter's generation, there would come a time when abortion is not an answer.  Not a solution.  Not an option.


Sherri said...

Wow what a wonderful thing to do. Thank you for posting and informing us of this!!

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