Friday, March 23, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - Best.....Title.....Ever!!!!


This last month I have been hearing the best titles of songs or books. I am not talking about ones that make you think or are quirky, I'm talking about ones that make you want to sit down and laugh. I often wonder what people are thinking when they title something. It's like naming your kid. Take for instance Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin, they named their first child Apple. What were they thinking? Is it an inside joke. Is it that they are hoping that their kid will be sweet like a Golden Delicious (hoping she doesn't grow up to be sour like a Granny Smith).

I know when I name a blog title, I take some thought in the process. What is the blog about? Is it serious? Is it silly? What do I want people to come away with? The same applied when we named our children. Nicole, Thomas and Samuel. We wanted names that weren't that popular. That were traditional and strong names. Names that people would remember. I also wanted names that had strong meanings:
Nicole – Victory of the People
Thomas – A Twin
Samuel – His Name is God
Ok, so Thomas' entomology isn't necessarily a strong meaning, but I have always loved the story of doubting Thomas. Sometimes we need to question so that the answers can be revealed to us.

Sometimes words mean different things for different cultures or regions. Last week while Sam was watching the Wiggles I heard them singing “Let's Have a Barbie on the Beach.” I had to think about it for a minute. What were they having? I thought this show was rated G. Then I remembered in Australia and England barbie is slang for barbeque, not an anatomically incorrect doll or the name of some girl. I had to phone my girlfriend up to tell her what they were singing (she's a linguist major) and we both had a good laugh.

May favourite title though has to be a book I found on Ereader News Today. It was called “If my Body is a Temple, Then I Was a Megachurch!” AMEN brother!  I had to post that on Facebook PDQ when I saw it. I bet from the title you can tell what he was writing about. When I posted it, everyone loved it. It struck a nerve (the laughing one) with many of my friends. How could you not want to read this book? Now if it was called “How a Christian Lost Weight” or “Christians are Fat Too” would it have intrigued people to read the book? Probably not. I notice that the title of a blog post can increase my readership for the day. The more funny or intriguing a post is the more readers I have. With so many of us having 100s of blogs in our Reader, we need to quickly decide what to read, just like a book. If the title doesn't grab me, then I'm not going to pick it up or click on it. Sorry, it's true. I bet you have never thought of it that way. Why do you pick up books? Because either the title intrigues you or the artwork does. Same with a blog. I've written some great posts, only to see that no one has read it. Unfortunately, we are in “buyers market” in the bloggy world. If we can't “sell” our posts to our readers, they won't get read. Good thing that I'm in a year of contentment and just being able to post is good enough for me.

Have you heard of a good post, song or book name lately? What are you're thoughts on naming posts?

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Andrea said...

When I arrived in the maternity ward after Ty was born, the nurse asked us what we had named our baby, and then proceeded to congratulate us for choosing a name for him that would work for his entire life. And then shared some of the crazy names she's heard - the best being "Thor the God of Thunder." Yes, the entire title was his name. Another friend was telling me how one of our pastor's wives was next to someone filling out a form, and she happened to see the mom write "Le-A" as her daughter's name. She understandably thought the girl's name was pronounced "Leah," but no, the mom informed her quite indignantly that it was said "Le dash ah!"

Ramona @pwconnect said...

Love that book title. Makes me want to go read it. Great thoughts! I once read that you should spend just as much time with the title as you do writing your post.

kendal said...

my favorite, but because it's so laughable, is my son's baseball teacm name the last two years:

wilkesboro masonic lodge number 42 braves

and the announcer said the whole name between all the innings!

Jedidja said...

I love this blog ;-)Interesting titles are important. People are 'headhunters' and read first the headline and then decide whether they'll read te blog, the book, an article.A good title is: Messy monday :-) You know I'm Dutch. But Messy Monday, is a fascinating.

Do you know I've written a book? The title and cover are almost more important than the story:-( Have you an ugly cover - no one reads your book.

I wish you a sunny spring week. How are your kids (I love their namens)

Jedidja said...

sorry: it must be names.

Donnetta said...

I believe what you say to be true, catchy blog titles draw more readers... I just find it hard to come up with them. *sigh*

Just know catchy titles or not, I'm still around reading! Just not always having as much time to let you know so! (and not always right as they are posted)

Better late than never, right? :-)

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