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Caffeinated Randomness - True Easter Traditions


A few weeks ago I read this on a friend's Facebook status:
Easter is a day of chocolates and eggs. It is also a day of celebration and family reunions. Make your Easter special by sharing some funny Easter quotes with your family. Teach your children the importance of Easter traditions and customs
Then a few days later that same friend's status read:
Easter brings back memories of a happy childhood: the beautiful spring morning and a Sunday feast. If you are celebrating Easter with your family, make the celebration truly special. Inscribe these Easter quotes on the Easter eggs. Each Easter egg can carry a special message. Children would love to find their special egg with a special message.
Easter is a day of chocolates and eggs” and “Teach your children the importance of Easter traditions and customs.” It sounds as if I'm supposed to teach the children that Easter is about some rabbit that jumps all over the world delivering chocolates to children (sounds familiar to a guy in red). I was outraged and angry. Then I remembered something, this is what my husband reminds me about every year. Easter is about Jesus not presents. I suddenly realized that He was right and I was wrong.

I did not grow up in a Christian home. Easter was all about the Easter bunny and eating chocolates. We always got some kind of present and a new outfit, beside the basket of chocolates and jelly beans. The only way I knew it was about God was through TV. Every Easter the 10 Commandments with Charleston Heston was on and my whole family would watch it. As well, in the afternoon there was this cool movie about Jesus where everyone danced and sang and at the end He dies (yep, we even watched Jesus Christ Superstar).  As I grew older, I learned what Easter was “based” on. It really didn't matter. Wasn't it a story anyway........

When I became a Christian, Easter became so much more to me. It became the celebration of all that Jesus did for me. The sacrifice He took in ultimate love for me. This was never made clearer to me than when I saw the Passion of the Christ. I sobbed uncontrollably with ever lash He took. I finally acknowledged the full resolve of His sacrifice and the full consequence of my own sin.

However, when we had our kids, I focused more on the bunnies and less on Jesus. Christmas I focused more on Jesus and then Sinter Klaas (Dutch Santa Claus). I bought the kids the chocolate bunny, some small toys and clothes. Occasionally I would purchase a book from a Christian book store and put in it their baskets, but really what was the focus for the kids? Was it the cross? Was it the sacrificial love? No, it was on some silly bunny.

When we told Nicole this Christmas the truth about Santa Claus, she took it well. A short time later she asked about the Easter Bunny. We said the same thing – not real. “I knew it! There were never giant tracks in the snow on Easter.” she said. Now that I have had the epiphany that my husband was right and I was wrong, I need to focus on the truth not just for Nicole, but also for the boys. Not that I'm going to deny them chocolate, I wouldn't do this to anyone. I bought them each a Giant Kindersurprise. But this year, I wanted to help them each in their relationship with God. I purchased a study of Proverbs by Vicki Courtenay for Nicole. I can't wait to work with her through this study. I also purchase two Veggietales movies (one each) for the boys about Easter. I can't wait to watch them with the boys and talk to them about Jesus and His love for them. 

In fact, I am taking the advice of my Facebook friend. Just not the way she intended. I am teaching my children about the true traditions and customs of Easter which are not the ones I was taught. Honey, you were right and I was wrong!

What are your families Easter traditions? What is your favourite Easter memory from growing up?
Come join in and share your Easter randomness.


Katharine said...

Hey Michelle, somehow I managed to link twice...and I can't delete it from my end. Sorry about that!

kendal said...

i love to hear people's easter stories....we're participating in our first passover seder this weekend.

Sherri said...

Awesome post Michelle!! I do am trying to refocus our Easter. Sometimes easier said then done. LOL
I also would NEVER want to deny anyone chocolate. It's a food group. hahahaha
Have a very blessed Easter.

Sherri said...

I have also been meaning to tell you how much I like your new page!

Andrea said...

We loved that Proverbs study - if you have a chance to get Nicole the other two books in the series, I highly recommend them!

Andi said...

My favorite Easter memories are actually as an adult. We color eggs on Saturday, then of course church on Sunday, then we just have a day with the four of us.

We never do the Easter Bunny, but chocolate is always a must!

Jedidja said...

Young people often do here at Easter confession of faith.

There is also Easter Egg Hunt in our playground. If you collect enough little eggs you get a chocolate bunny ;- 0

Often the Easter Monday a day of family visits.

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