Sunday, April 22, 2012

Messy Mondays - The Next Round..

Messy Mondays where I share what God has been showing me through the messiness of life. It is my personal belief that this walk isn't clean and crisp and straight or narrow. It's wide and twisted and mucky and messy. It's about the ups and the downs, but through it all God is there with us.  

Last week three famous people passed away. People pass away everyday. Death is an absolute certainty no matter what we do to try to avoid it. However, one of the deaths really affected me – Chuck Colson's. This is man who didn't always live a very “Christian” life. He was involved in one of the worst scandals to hit history which has changed politics ever since.  However, he was a man that spoke about grace. Grace that he had been given. Grace that God gives freely daily. From his mistakes and from “doing time,” he worked actively in prison ministry. He advocated for those in the prison system. Making sure that that they were “fed” in the way they should be fed.

He was also a man who stood up for his beliefs. Since becoming a Christian, whenever there was an argument in the government or courts that could affect how we worship and what we believe, the first person I always heard stand up was Chuck Colson. He fought the good fight we should all be fighting but many of us are too afraid to. He was unafraid of what people said and what people thought. He was fighting for a greater purpose.

We have lost a great man. Who will take up the fight that he was fighting? Who will stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves? Who will fight to make sure our rights are protected? Who will be the next man of integrity? I pray that we do not have to wait long.  However, I pray that we don't just wait for the next man of integrity to come. We also have an accounting for our actions before God. We need to fight for our rights. We need to trust God to lead us and use us in the battle before us as we are going to be facing more and more battles. We live in a world that is against us and an enemy who is fighting to make sure that we fail. God is mighty. God is powerful and God will win – with or without us. I would rather be a part of this fight than not.

If you are interested in standing up, read the Manhattan Declaration and sign it. It is a powerful document that many people have already signed. It is controversial as it talks about supporting traditional marriage, rights for the unborn and the erosion of the marriage culture that we live in. We need to stand together. Now. Not later. Chuck Colson lead the fight and now we must take up the arms and continue to stand up for God in a godless culture. To speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and to remember who's laws are the ones we need to follow first.


Sue said...

Wow, just found your site. I am looking forward to reading more. Found Caffeinated Randomness (really makes me want some coffee!) and now I see Messy Mondays and I want to go read that and more.

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