Thursday, August 4, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - Sometimes You Do Get What You Want, BUT...


Did you guys know that I am a very vain person.  No really.  I am very vain.  It may be because of my trying to live the perfect lifestyle (see Tuesday's blog for more information on that one.)  It may be because I was raised to be colour coordinated and always look good when you go out in public.  I try to go out in my yoga pants and all day dispair of how horrible I look.  I'm not saying that I'm gorgeous.  I would never think that.  In fact that is something I'm reminded of on a daily basis, Satan knows where to attack.  I may be tall, but I am not thin.  

I am going grey early which is a bone of contention with me.  This is due to hereditary.  My grandmother was completely grey at 39 and I'm only have two more years for it to spread.  It's 1/3 there already.  Thankfully, I HAD a great hairdresser who sympathized with me and was slowing working on making me blond.  I hate going in public unless my hair is good.  I've gone out on bad hair days but again, like with the yoga pants fiascoes, I dispair of how horrible I look.  

I finally did something recently that I swore I would never do.  I got artificial nails.  I met another mom through Middleman's preschool.  She did artificial nails.  I was a little cautious, but when I saw how pretty they looked, I had to have them.  I love having a french manicure and know that I had to have permanent looking ones.  They were so pretty at first.  Everyone was impressed.  They were simple, but elegant.  The only draw back was that I had to retrain myself on how to open things and how to type on the keyboard and Blackberry.  If you have artificial nails, you know what I'm talking about.  A few weeks later my nails look weird.  One half was the beautiful fake nail and one half was my real nail showing through.  I had my friend do a fill on me a few weeks before the move.  My nails again looked soooooo pretty.  I told you, I'm vain.

Here's were I started to realize how these nails were going to affect my life.  I had trouble cleaning some areas of the house because of the nails.  I had trouble helping move some of the furniture because of the nails.  It felt like they were going to rip of my fingers when they even bent a little.  I was starting to get irritated with my pretty nails.  

Now because we moved I no longer had a friend to do my nails.  If I went to a salon it was going to cost me a lot to keep up with my pretty nails.  Something I wasn't willing to do.  As well, I really just wanted to be able to do things I used to do with my hands before I got the pretty nails, like open a pop can with out any pain.  Now I'm waiting for my nails to grow.  Lucky for me they grow pretty fast.  I am 1/2 way to being able to grow them out.  In the mean time I have painted the nails a dark burgundy so that you don't immediately see the difference between my real and the artificial nails.  

Last night we had a break through, one of the fake nails came off with a little bit of pain.  I now have one of my real nails again.  I welcomed it back and was so excited.  However, it is my middle finger so I can't really show people the difference.  I'll have to wait until another pulls off.  One is getting close, but it is fighing to cling to my finger so it is a little painful.

The moral of this tale is go with your gut instinct and don't do it because everyone else it doing it.  It may look pretty, but it will be painful and inconvenient in the end.  

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Linda said...

I can SOOOO relate. I used to think I wanted the gorgeous fake nails. I got and on I would get them and then take them real nails would look HORRIBLE when the fake ones would come off and I would have to go thru all the misery again.
I am a gardener, I love to cook(most times)and I like to be on the computer. One thing that I found to be the worst problem for me was the fact that I could not type fast anymore with those nails. I keep my nails cut short now and LOVE IT!! I could care less about it now. I love me just the way I am, short nails and all. I want to be comfortable and live life being me....our daughter is getting married in Sept...I will be painting my nails, but that is as far as I will ya, friend!

kendal said...

with you on this! i had fake nails once and cut them immediately. like in the car, because they were too long. and then they looked weird. got them off as soon as i could do it without pain!

Ashley Pichea said...

I've never been one for fake nails, and I love your "middle finger" dilemma! :) Thanks for a chuckle this morning.

Pat said...

and here I was contemplating getting some in fall:) Sister-in-law got them done and they were nice and short so that I might be able to handle them. Only you would have your middle finger to show people:) Maybe go driving and you'll get to show it to someone;) Love you Babe!

Anonymous said...

And now you understand why once preschool started I helped my gel nails pop off! I loved the way they looked, too, but when you can't help a kid do their craft, and it's kind of your job to help them do a craft, well you've got a problem!

They'll probably all start popping off in the next week or two. You can help them by finding spots that are lifting and just prying them bit by bit. I also ended up filing my tips down as my nails grew to help speed up the process.

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

I love the look of fake nails, but after trying them and tossing money down the drain they just were not worth it! {but they did look so pretty!!}

Sherri said...

I also love the look of fake nails. I had them for a while and found that the longer you had them the better they were, however my nail lady moved and so it was the end of nails for me for years and I must say I missed them. Then for my 40th birthday this year I got them again and it has been REALLY hard getting used to them. They suck when I am trying to pry a tab up or when i get them caught in a handle, but I oh so love the look of them. :)

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