Friday, August 12, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - They Stink


When I was younger, my favourite bugs bunny character was Pepe Le Peu.  I loved him.  All he wanted was to be loved and find the love of his life.  I felt sorry for him that the closest thing he ever found to a female skunk was a cat with a white stripe.  Was there no one who wanted him for just being him.  Then there was Flower in Bambi.  A cute cuddly skunk.  You just wanted to cuddle with him.  Now that I think back, growing up on Vancouver Island, I had never seen a skunk, nor had I ever smelled one.  That could explain why I thought skunks as a whole were just misunderstood animals.  

My first experience with a skunk was driving the prairie highways.  A pungent odour permeated our vehicle.  I gagged.  I believe I asked "What was that? !"  A skunk.  Really, that stink was  from a skunk.  UGGGGGGGHHH.  How could I continue to love them, when all I wanted to do was stay away from them.  How could something so cute and cuddly looking be so smelly.

If you didn't know what he smelled like, would you want him for a pet?
 Oh, but they are.  I experienced it first hand once.  I was driving a friend home from BSF.  We were listening to a song on a Christmas CD that I wanted to sing as a solo on Christmas Day.  We were just coming in off the highway towards our town and I was jokingly telling her that my hubby would kill me if I ever hit a skunk.  Then all of the sudden on the road was a huge skunk.  I swerved to miss the huge creature, but it sprayed the car.  We smelt it all the way home.  My hubby took the car immediately to a car wash, it did not help.  It took 1 week for the smell to finally go away.  He had to drive the highway with his windows rolled down in November so that he wouldn't pass out from the smell.  He kept saying, and still maintains, that I hit the skunk.  I stick to my story and I have a witness.  

My daughter was 2 1/2 at the time and daddy taught her to tell people that "Mommy hit a skunk."  She still tells people I did this 6 years later.  When she turned 6, I found a skunk Webkinz.  I bought it for her from her brothers.  She immediately named him "Stinky."  He is one of the kids favourite Webkinz and they all fight to play with Stinky.

You may be wondering why I'm writing a post on skunks.  No, I am not getting one as a pet.  No, I didn't hit one.  Earlier this week I had a dream about a skunk spraying my home.  I woke to the dream to the dreaded smell permeating my bedroom from outside.  I rushed to the windows to see if there was indeed one in the backyard.  Luckily for us, no.  It must have been in the park off our backyard and gotten spooked by someone's dog.  I had to close the windows and it was a hot evening.  It took me a while to get back to sleep.  I was glad that when I woke up, the smell was gone;  but I didn't really have a great sleep because of it  Yes, I'm whining, but really.  Who wants to be woken up to by Ode du Skunk.  The only thing they got going for them is they're still cute or I would have to add them to my list of unnecessary animals.  Right up there with mosquitoes.

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kendal said...

horseflies are also unnecessary

Ashley Pichea said...

Where we lived prior to where we live now, the skunks were really bad... like families of them living along the road - in town. YUCK!

Anonymous said...

I don't know - right now the smells from the neighbouring farms are about driving me crazy right now. I'd almost take a skunk over the manure. Almost.

Deidra said...

Skunks are everywhere where I live - we actually saw one in a yard a few doors down from us a couple of weeks ago - yuck! My brother in law was once sprayed by a skunk and it took days to get rid of the stink!

Jedidja said...
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Jedidja said...

No skunks here in the Netherlands. I enjoyed your story. The smell must be terrible

Donnetta said...

I was also a Pepe Le Peu fan. Although I have smelled skunk, thankfully I don't have to smell them often and double thankfully I have never hit one (or had to swerve to miss one.) :-)!

Now the thing we have to worry about more around here with our dog is porcupines. They can wreak havoc and cause expensive vet bills, but your post reminds me to be thankful that... at least they don't stink! :-)

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