Monday, August 22, 2011

Messy Mondays: My New Anthem

In the air of some changes going on in the prairies, I have been lead to get back into regularly posting.  I've done a few different meme's on Mondays.  I tried to do my own Martha's Monday, where I wrote about how I organize my life.  It was fun but once I let everyone know what I do, I had nothing else to write about. 

Last year I participated in Music Mondays.  I also participated a few years ago in a meme called the Sacred in the Ordinary.  These meme's allowed me to look at the small things that God does in my life, whether it was a song or a first tooth.  I find that too many times I'm too busy looking at the big picture.  I'm a visionary.  I see the big things and can plan big things.  It's the little things I either tend to ignore or forget about. There is something sacred in being able to see God in the miniscule and not just in the grandeous.  It's looking through all the messiness that life throws at you and still being able to see Him through it all. 

Every Monday I will be sharing what God has been showing me through the messiness of life.  It is my personal belief that this walk isn't clean and crisp and straight or narrow.  It's wide and twisted and mucky and messy.  It's about the ups and the downs, but through it all God is there with us.  

Recently I found an anthem to how I long to live my walk with God.  A song that inspires me to push through the messy and focus on what God is calling me to do.  It's also a song that makes me want to crank up the volume in the swaggin wagon and drive around town like a true cool soccer mom.  Ok, maybe it's not that cool, but I have driven around town with this song blaring.  It's infectious and I hope that it inspires you as it inspires me.


kendal said...

pushing through the messy. yeah. i seem to stop and wallow in the mess. great post, michelle.

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