Friday, September 16, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - YouTube


Have you ever spent a day just checking out You Tube.  I'm not talking about just checking out videos for our favourite worship songs or videos of our friends vlogs but some of the silly videos on You Tube.  There are some disturbing ones, but there are some very cute and funny ones.  I have spent many hours watching these videos on YouTube.  I am always shocked at the time the people take to make these little vignettes and the quality of many of them.  

This week for some silly fun random posting, I am posting my top 5 You Tube videos in no order:

1.  Potter Puppet Pals: the Mysterious Ticking Noise.  This is hilarious.  If you have seen any of the movies you will know the characters.  This video has been viewed by over 100 million views alone.  It is just silly fun and it has a catching tune that will make you sing along.

2.  Christmas Badgers.  We found this video just after world cup soccer.  My husband found the original Footy Footy video, but I enjoyed this one more.  My kids get a kick out of watching this video and the other badger videos.  There simple and dangerous as they can become "earworms." 

3.  Baby Got Book.  I was a child of the 90s.  When the original song came out it was like watching an accident.  You couldn't look away.  When I saw this video, I couldn't stop laughing.  I want to be a Baby with a Big Book.  I do have an NIV with a ribbon book mark.  I wonder if that counts. 

4.  Swagger Wagon.  I know this went viral, but its so funny and true about we who rock out our vans.  I personally have a Pontiac Montana, but I've rocked it out with my favourite praise music (ok, I might have cruised the block blaring Nickelback or Robbie Williams).

5.  Jesus Video #3.  This is from a series of voice overs by a church who was using them in a sermon series about our preconceived notions of Christians.  I love the end and often use it jokingly -  "You are all evil.  There is no hope."

I could have put on more, but these are just some of my favourites.  I hope you enjoy them.

Come and join in the randomness this week.


Jen said...

I love the swagger wagon! I don't YouTube a lot, but I did see this one with 2 elderly people trying to use a webcam. They recorded themselves and didn't realize it. Hilarious!

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