Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesdays Voice - Pakistan

Let's pray for each other and the persecuted church.  Please feel free to leave a prayer request below.
Christian woman escapes kidnapper in Pakistan
(Source: Pakistan Christian Post)

In 2009, Arifa Alfred was kidnapped in Quetta, Pakistan after drinking tea that had been drugged. When she awoke, she found herself in the home of Mohammad Amjad, a Muslim man who told her that she was now his wife and that she had converted to Islam. Arifa's parents reported her kidnapping to the police, but the police did nothing to help.

During her captivity, Arifa was drugged and physically and mentally tortured. She attempted to flee the house many times, but without success until August 1, when she found the house unlocked for the first time in two years. Despite her many internal injuries due to the torture she had endured, Arifa escaped and fled to the hospital. She then found her brother Adnan, who reported the situation to police.

At last report, the police had done nothing to bring justice; one police inspector even stated he was happy that she had converted to Islam. However, Arifa has shared, "I am a Christian and have stood always steadfast in my Christian faith." Arifa and her family have since gone into hiding due to threats on their lives.

Pray that God will bring about justice for Arifa (Psalm 140). Pray the Lord will protect Arifa, her family and the Christian community.

Pray He will minister to her and heal her completely.

Pray that her kidnapper will repent and come to know the Lord. Pray for other Christian women in Pakistan who are facing similar struggles. 


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