Thursday, March 24, 2011

3 in 30 - March Week 4 Check In

Just a reminder of what the goals were this month:

1.  No Yelling

2.  Purge Toys

3.  Set Office Hours

How did it go this month?  Well, 1 out of 3 ain't bad.  I purged toys.  In fact, at least 4 orange garbage bags full.  I saw them being driven to the thrift store.  It was very therapeutic.  I have a feeling I may have more toys to go by the time we move.  

I have come to realize that sometimes I need to yell.  I just have to use it appropriately.  Like calling the kids from the basement when they want to ignore me or when Sam decides to play in the toilet (our new battleground).  What I do not need to do is yell at the kids in anger or when disciplining them.  This is not going to be effective and they are not going to listen to me or really know what they did well I'm screaming at them.  I know when I'm being yelled at I turn off, so how can I expect any different from them? 

I have tried to set office hours, but these last few weeks have been crazy with appointments and getting the house prepped for sale.  This is one goal that is going to be moved over to next month.  

I'm actually looking forward to next months goals.  I'm already thinking about them and trying to decide what my other two will be.  Can I do four?


blessedmom's simple home said...

Oh, the not yelling is hard at times, I know. It's gotten easier as my kids have grown up, but my twins would tell you I still have my moments.
P.S. Could you please pray for my nephew Jordan? He was seriously injured in Afghanistan two days ago. I did a post about it yesterday.
Thanks so much.

Jen said...

wtg with the toys :)

sounds like youve learnt valuable things about yelling which I think is important too

I think March has been a busy month I only got 1 of my goals meet too still I have a week to go :)

Aurie said...

Not yelling is so hard - but kids really do respond better - which doesn't make it any easier when yo are ready to lose it. You know, when you dump something into the toilet after you asked them not too WHILE you are in the room looking at them......but I digress :)

Kudos on the toy purge! I love purging toys - and consistantly do so. Makes for a much nicer and cleaner home.

Mariposa said...

Wow, I'm impressed with your toy purging! :)

Janet Rose said...

Toy purging does feel good, doesn't it. It's a great teaching tool for the kids, too, in sharing.
Have a great last week of March!

Sam said...

Lol, can you do four! I feel that way some months!

Laura Starnes said...

Way to go on the toy purging! I can't wait to see your FOUR goals in April. =)

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