Friday, March 11, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - Mommy vs. the Tormentinator


The Tormentinator (aka the Toddler) and I are at war.  It will surprise you at what the battle is over.

Yes, that's right the tea towel over the oven handle.  This is where I want it.  This is where I like it.  Every time I put it up there and leave the kitchen when I come back it's on the floor.  I can do this at least 20 times a day.  You think I would give up and find a new place to put it, but no.  I fight the battle.  It is a battle I know I will win.

Introducing the enemy - the Tormentinator. 

I know, you think he's cute.  I can hear your thinking right now that he's just too innocent to do this.  How could someone that cute drive his mother crazy?  He's not as innocent as some are lead to believe.  I've watched him.  He waits.  He waits and stalks his prey.  When I put the tea towel back up and leave the room, he makes his play. 

Caught Red Handed!
Enjoying the spoils of the battle.

I was framed.

He has won the battle today.  He won't be prosecuted for his actions.  He'll be on probation subject to daily kissing and hugging of Mommy as payment for his actions.  He may even get to celebrate his 2nd birthday on Monday.

Come join me and some great caffeinated ladies for Caffeinated Randomness today.


Kendal said...

had to laugh at this one! he's a cutie!

Sam said...

How funny! I am so not caffeinated, but I am drinking orange juice!

Jen said...

He is cute, but I totally get it -- sometimes the greater the cuteness, the greater the mischief!

And, congrats on finding a house!

Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, I know the battle!

Our two-year-old has consistenly worked me over for the last week. How can she find every pen in the house?

Kela said...

Too cute! I've had a couple of those myself! Heck, still do!

stephanie said...

He is so adorable!!!!

Andi said...

I have a little hook thingy loop dealybob on my tea towels, so now I hang them on a knob on my cabinet door...Maybe this could solve it?

Not that you are looking for a solution to such cuteness, and not that I feel compelled to fix every "problem" I encounter. That would make me my mother in law. And that would make me horrified.

Miko's Girl said...

Too cute. My golden doodle steals my towel from the oven handle and devours it. To save myself from vet bills, my towel resides on my counter (really far back so Lightning doesn't eat it too).

Ashley Pichea said...

Love the last picture - so cute!

My 2.5yo has become a little terror lately, too. I think it must just be the age and the gender! :-D

Erin said...

I can't believe he's almost two! Time flies... So sorry to hear you are moving but I guess you will be closer to us for a little while!

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