Friday, March 18, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - The Makeover

Last month I entered a contest with the Tip Junkie (I just love her blog) and I Hearts Faces.  It was for a make over of a picture of yourself for your blog.  For those that know me personally, I have never been excited about my photo on the blog.  I was at my heaviest when it was taken and it is actually a cropped picture from a full family picture.  We as women know we want to look our best or better when we are in the public eye.  That's why there is a million dollar make up industry and anti aging creams.  It's also why you will rarely see me with out my hair down and make up on. 

The Old Photo
I was surprised to find out that I won!  It took me a while to get someone to take the photo.  I actually got the photo to the I Hearts Faces ladies on the day it was due.  Talk about by the "skin of your teeth."
The Original Photo

The above photo was the one taken by my dear Bible Babe, Cherie.  It was also the one voted over 6 others.   I sent in the photo and waited.  I received this:
The Make Over
 I am very happy with the end result.  It love the look and the way it turned out.  Amy at I Heart Faces did a great job.  I have used this picture now on Facebook and have changed the blog to reflect the new look.  I'm now more and more determined to do a little housecleaning in the prairies to match the new look.  

I also want to thank all of you for your prayers on Tuesday, they were definitely felt.  Our middleman did very well in his developmental assessment.  There was no breakdowns and he was very receptive to all the questions and games with the doctors and therapists.  We now have a formal diagnosis of autism.  This means that we can now get start getting the therapies that he needs to progress.  
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Maggie S. said...

Wanna know what is weird? I also won a photo makeover in that same contest, but mine came from Tator Tots and Jell-o. I also got my pic in on the last day. I also revealed my pic on a day of random.

Stopping by from Mommy on Fire. Might link up. I do random pretty well.

Maggie S. said...

You look gorgeous.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

YAY!!!!! Beautiful picture! Congrats to you!

Andi said...

How fun! That is a great picture.

Cj Carleton said...

Great pic, love the necklace! :)

~Rain``` said...

Looking GREAT! Also good to hear about your middleman. Btw, love the pics of your kids on your blog.

~Rain``` said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen said...

You look beautiful, Michelle. And SO glad that the assessment went well!

Tiffini said...

praise Him for answer to prayer! Now you have a direction...and watch as He brings others alongside you and your son.
I love your new is perfect. What ideas do you have for a blog springup:)?

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