Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Middleman!

Today is middleman's birthday.  I have many stories about the day he was born.  From telling his sister the baby was coming and seeing her run to the window saying "I don't see the baby." to some serious potty mouth from mommy during delivery (have I told you his head was in the 98%).  

Middleman has always had a mind of his own from the moment since he was born.  He is both giving (he'll take two cookies from the cookie jar to share with his sister at 7 am) and stubborn ("No story, not bedtime yet.").  He has some great truths for life (God lives at Church).  When he sees you crying he wants to make you smile.  He wants to play "tickle, tickle, tickle," especially when he knows he's in trouble.   One day he's Optimus Prime (including sound effects) then he's a cowboy or a puppy.

Since getting his assessment, we have had to come to some realizations about middleman.  However, it doesn't make us love him any differently.  It just means that God has blessed us with an exceptional child and middleman is truly exceptional.  Happy Birthday my middleman!


Aurie said...

What a sweet photo! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating your little man!

Cherie said...

Love this photo of our little man. He is such a cutie!! :)

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