Friday, March 25, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - Ramblings of a Mommy Babble Blogger


I am a proud Mommy Babble Blogger.  I love blogging and enjoy reading others rambling babble.  Some things I write are very profound.  Ok admittedly maybe just to me.  Other things I write are pure babble.  I think of my posts as conversations I have with my closest friends.  You either agree or you disagree with what I have to say.  You may learn something or I may learn something through your comments.  I have always felt that my blog is my place to get to tell the world the "much deep and profound brain things inside my head" (thank you King Julian).   It's not quite a journal, because I don't think I could handle everything I think or feel posted for the world to see.  But it is a place I can share and not feel like I'm going to be condemned by the world.  

Having just stated that though, you may be wondering why I'm even calling myself a Mommy Babble Blogger.  It all started with listening in to a replay of our local talk radio's morning person.  He was responding to a blog on called "Mom Confession:  I Think I Love My Son A Little Bit More."  Now I'm not going to give my opinion on this blog, but I can tell you that while giving his opinion the radio personality kept referring to mommy bloggers as Mommy Babble Bloggers.  Not in a positive way, but in a very negative way.  His comments went from "like a lot of bloggers she can't shut the **** up"  to "If you're going to blog and it's going to take 3 pages to get your point through, I'm sorry I don't care for your point of view. "  Now I have to agree with his last comment but that's usually because of my own attention span.  But I disagreed with his first one.  What's the point of having a blog if we can't speak or share what we want.  The point of the blog is what the writer wants it to be.  If you don't want to read it - DON'T!   I could go on and on about my feelings about blogs, but at the end of the day they are ours -  the writers.   They are our places in this wacky world where we can share our "much deep and profound brain things inside our heads." (didn't think I could quote it again did you?)

Now I agree, I am a Mommy Babble Blogger.  I blog.  Most of it isn't really news worthy.  Most of what I write some may disagree with.  Most of what I write is my opinion or how I am feeling or where God is leading me.  But again it's mine and I embrace the label!

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Jen said...

I love all your babble. And you are right -- this is your space and you get to choose the words that fill it. You have lovely words, Michelle!

~Rain``` said...

Amen Sister! Many of the reasons you mentioned are the reasons I blog. Keep at it!

Lisa said...

I'll say "Amen" too!

stephanie said...

You know the best thing about God, He does amazing things with our babble. I am always amazed at how someone commenting on my blog can get a completely different meaning out of what I write than I ever even thought of, that's God for you. So even if it's mindless bloggy babble, you never know when that babble might be exactly what someone else needed to hear that day. As a fellow parent of a child with an ASD, let me tell you, many days your babble has touched my heart!

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