Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I've Been Truly Blessed and Am Filled With JOY!

This week I have been multiply blessed and am filled with joy because of it.

I was shocked and humbled when I was blessed with the 12 Days of Christmas by my Bible Babe Andrea (formerally of Under Grace Over Coffee).  For those who are wondering what the 12 Days of Christmas is, it is when you purchase 12 presents for an individual and gift them on the 13th of December and have them dated to countdown the last 12 days of Christmas.  Now Andrea knows how much I dislike the Christmas countdown.  I'm always crying foul whenever someone reminds me how close it's getting.  But today, I was truly humbled that she chose me out of all her friends.  I feel very blessed and wait in seated anticipation of what each of the packages hold.  I've been tempted all day to go and start shaking the packages, but I'll wait.  

I was secondly blessed by winning a giveaway from my friends at the Imperfect Wives.  These lovely women have started ("changed" direction) a blog for those of us who are not perfect, love God and know that we are only made perfect and strengthened through our Father.  They are currently also hosting a Blog Radio show through Christian Women Affiliate every Tuesday morning at 10:00 am (no I haven't been paid for this ).  It is a safe place where we can each share our struggles in our marriages with each other and support each other through prayer and scripture.  Cherie and Rebecca have through this year lifted me up through their words through this year when I have needed it.  I love their openness of sharing their struggles in their marriages to lift us up.  

This week while I'm filled with joy about the blessings I've received from my friends, I'm also filled with Joy about how God has been working in my life.  He has been leading me to places where I am hesitant....ok, resistant to wanting to go.  He has been teaching me how I am to react to situations.  He is an amazing Father who gives so much to each of us.  I may not express my Joy to Him all the time, but I am filled with Joy because of Him.  This Christmas season I'm going to embrace the Joy that He has given me.  I'm going to rejoice with exceedingly great joy!

I linking up with Jen at Finding Heaven with the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood today.  Share your Joy with the sisterhood.


Anonymous said...

Just don't shake the big boxes!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I love when joy shows up in such beautiful and absolutely unexpected ways!

I know those resistant times....I am pretty good at stubbornly shaking my head no until finally He gets so sense into me and I see His beautiful plans unfolding all around me.

Have a JOYFUL day Michelle!

Erin @itsgrace.com said...

I love it when joy shows up!!

Super excited for you and can't wait to hear about your packages..

Wishing you a blessed day...

Jen said...

I love that -- share your joy with the sisterhood. Isn't that the best? Being friends and able to share in each other's joys? I love it!

Tiffini said...

So happy that you are having double blessings...I am realizing too - how important to have a community of support..a safe place to share and build each other up.

may you continue to dance with your Father...it is the safest place to be:)

Donnetta said...

Thank you for sharing blessings being bestowed upon you! I smiled reading through this today.

Your authenticity is something I appreciate when I visit here! Thank you!

Graceful said...

Blessings indeed -- sounds like you are having a great week. That community where you can talk honestly about marriage and its challenges sounds like a very supportive, uplifting environment. I really like the sound of it.

Jenilee said...

Finding Joy is a good thing! Loved your post! visiting from ifellowship :)

Mama Abby said...

very sweet and fun...and i talked about my mom and twin sending the twelve days of Christmas when I was overseas in my post yesterday...

it is a wonderful blessing...and 'the joy of the Lord IS our strength':)

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