Saturday, December 25, 2010


I am asking all my Bloggy Sisters to prayer for one of my Bloggy Friends, Kelly Jo

My friend's husband, Curt, recently had heart surgery.  All went well, however, the anesthetic has reacted with a previous brain injury leaving him completely amnesic.  She has written that he is watching their daughter to even figure out how to eat with a fork.  Kelly Jo is caring for him, as well as their daughter and foster daughter, who has been up to some schinanigans.  Kelly Jo is up to her limit and feeling completely overwhelmed. 

Pray dear sisters that God provide complete healing and restore Curt's memory.  Pray for strength for Kelly Jo as she deals with this, as well as what daily life has planned.  Pray for peace over this family during this Christmas season as Kelly Jo says it doesn't feel very merry! 


kendal said...

oh, how stressful. i will pray for kelly-jo, curt, and the girls.

Jen said...

I just saw this. I will be praying. What a load to carry.

Cherie said...

Praying as well Michelle! Thank you for letting us know! :)


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