Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday's Voice - Pakistan

Pakistani Christian killed for "blasphemy"
(Source: Compass Direct)

Police suspect two Muslim militants are responsible for the recent murder of a Christian man in Punjab province, Pakistan. In early November, 22-year-old Latif Masih was granted bail after five months of imprisonment for "blasphemy" for allegedly burning pages of the Qur'an. His release came after the complainant in the case told the court he was not certain Latif was guilty. On November 18, two men arrived at the home of Latif and his mother, Rubina Bibi, and asked if he would accompany them. When Latif and the men were a few yards from the house, they shot Latif five times. The men then fled by motorbike. Police were watching the scene from the street but did nothing to stop the assailants. Latif's brother, Junaid Masih, claims that the two attackers were associates of a Muslim man who had filed the blasphemy charge against Latif -- a charge that Junaid claims was part of the Muslim man's plan to take over Latif's motorbike shop.

Pray that God will grant Latif's loved ones the light of His love in the darkness of grief.

Pray that Christ's Body in Pakistan will continue to be a bold testimony of His love and grace.

Ask God to help Christians in Pakistan to respond in a Christ-like manner to injustice and oppression.


Debbie Dillon said...

Just stumbled across your blog (through Faithful Bloggers). LOVE it, and love your heart that comes through your posts. Great job! Be blessed today :)

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