Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Something I Whipped Up Monday

The Girl Creative

I know that this blog is not a crafting blog, but I have been following The Girl Creative for a few months and have been inspired to make inexpensive crafts for my home. Every Monday they have a meme for a quick and easy craft. I finally did one that I thought I would share with you.

My daughter has a lot of pictures from friends that have been literally floating around the house. I decided I needed to make her a memo board for her room. I found an old frame at a thrift store near our home and was immediately inspired. I knew I had some cork board at home and ribbon and stickers.

The first thing I did was get rid of the bears in the frame and pulled out the backing. I measured the backing to the cork and cut out an appropriate sized sheet.

I then measured and cut the ribbon to cross the cork and glued it on the cork board.

I placed glue on the edge of the frame to attach the cork board to it.

I had some sticker paper for scrap booking. I used my large round punch to punch out circles and randomly placed them on the frame.


I know it is not perfect but she loves it and the photos are no longer floating around the house. I paid a total of $2.00 for the frame. The ribbon and sticker paper were purchased many years ago and in crafting storage.

My only problem now is that she wants to know what I'm doing with the bears from the frame. Any ideas?


homeschool101 said...

What a great Idea. See you are creative! That is a great idea, may have to work something like that up.

Are there bears of sentimental value to her. If so you could gather pieces of other things in the same category and make a memory quilt or blanket. They really are not that hard to do. Just a thought! Great craft, way to go! :) Thanks for dropping by.
I know some of us in bloger world are struggling but I believe it is a growing time for us and God will provide! God bless you friend!

Anonymous said...

I love that! And I just happen to have the very same frame at my house. Somewhere...maybe it would be easier to go to the thrift store! :P

Erin said...

Great idea! I will have to store that idea away for future use!

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