Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedneday's Voice - Iran

Iranian authorities attack Christmas gathering, arrest two Christians

Fifteen security police and undercover plain-clothes officers attacked a Christmas gathering of more than 70 newly converted Christians in the city of Karaj, Iran on December 17. Officers photographed and videotaped the believers and also confiscated Bibles, Christian books and a computer. The Christians were told they must be available during the period leading up to formal and legal interrogations and that they must appear before legal prosecutors when ordered. Two of the leaders of the group, Kambiz Saghaee and Ali Keshvar-Doost, were arrested. At last report, they remained in detention at an undisclosed location and their families had neither been able to contact them nor received confirmed information from police about their whereabouts. (Source: Farsi Christian News Network)

Pray for the release of Kambiz Saghaee and Ali Keshvar-Doost.

Pray that the new converts who attended this meeting will grow stronger in their faith in Christ.

Pray for safety for Iranian believers celebrating the birth of Jesus as many must gather in secret to avoid attention.


Annesphamily said...

I enjoyed coming over to your blog. You have a unique writing style. Glad to see you here. Thanks for sharing. This was a very good post. I think sometime people don't see the whole picture of what is going on in our world. So I do what my late mom taught me to do "Pray harder". I am glad someone else isn't afraid to speak up. Thanks you.

Amber said...

It is always so convicting to read about fellow believers who are being persecuted. Thank you for sharing this.

Also, thank you so much for the preschool curriculum link... I love the ideas and the way it follows Biblical character traits. We're going to use it and go for it! Thank you!!

Michelle said...

Anne - I have to admit that I don't to the writing. My husband's aunt does a weekly post for church bulletins in Alberta. She added me to her e-mail list and I have been blessed that she allows me to post them. I love learning and praying for those who give so much for something that we take for granted.

Amber - Your welcome.

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